Signs That Your Relationship Is Not Worth Keeping

Being in a relationship and in love with someone is way more beautiful than you can ever imagine being. It feels great when your partner make you feel wanted and loves you when you least expect from them. They accept you the way you are and you know that there would be someone who is always by your side.

When a relationship lasts for long you get to know each other and initially every one shows their fake side just to be because you are in love with each other but after a point you realize that you need to work out on several things. So, today I will tell you some signs that relationship won’t work so lets’ discuss.  

signs that relationship won’t work
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Now when this comes, it does not mean a normal fight over something. Obviously, people fight as they are different and have several different opinions about every particular thing. Here fight means the big ones where in you aren’t communicating for days and doing your responsibility.

If you are having these fights on daily basis then I think it’s a sign that relationship won’t work any longer. Either you decide to take a break or you part away or else you will not be able to survive with each other like this.

No spark

After a fight none of you takes an effort to something special for each other as you used to do it earlier. Spark should be there in every relationship and if you don’t find that in your relationship then you know what to do. Either you both change yourself a bit or break up.

If you feel like you are just doing your parts and you are not feeling anything from inside then I think it’s time to move on or take a break before your relationship becomes a toxic one.

signs that relationship won’t work
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No sharing

This is really important. You two must be working and you guys should tell how your day was. If you don’t share the things as you used to then it is one of the signs that relationship won’t work for you. Sharing your things whether you are happy or sad is really important.

In sadness you tend to have someone by your side and most importantly it lightens your mood. In case of happiness you feel good when you share the good news with loved ones as they were the one who were there with your bad times. So you feel like sharing with them.

signs that relationship won’t work
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No sex life

There is nothing that you feel and you both don’t even feel like making out as you used to. No BDSM or surprise sex that comes your way now. You don’t feel that connection and you guys are on different pages when it comes to your relationship. You don’t please each other as you used to earlier.

Now you don’t have dirty talks that used to take place earlier and no excitement at all when you share bed now. You think twice before making out whether you should do or not. You never intend to do something special for each other or surprise each other with your creative ideas.

signs that relationship won’t work
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No dates

If you are no longer going out on dates with each other then it could also be one of the signs that relationship won’t work as going on a date is really important it uplifts your mood and changes it in a good way. This can lead to boredom and you can also feel falling out of love which is the main reason for all the women why they break up.

If you don’t want to go out, you can set a date at home only and order something from the restaurant and have a candlelight dinner at home. The best part is there would be no one to disturb you both and you can enjoy the time together.

signs that relationship won’t work
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 Suspicious behavior

The basic foundation of the relationship is trust and if you don’t have that in your partner then it is one of the signs that relationship won’t work for you. Suspicious behavior is really bad and it can destroy your relationship fully.

If you have some problem with something just let it out and says what makes you uncomfortable be it anything but you needed to communicate if you still have something for each other. A lack of trust in a relationship will end it sooner or later. If you partner has done some mistake stop digging that again and again in every fight.

Trust them and let them me. Your suspicious behavior will kill you from inside and you will let the past forget.

So, these are some of the signs that relationship won’t work and for more relationship related updates stay tuned!

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