Signs That Your Best Friend Want To Be More Than Just A Friend

Best friends are one of God’s best gift to you. You may have a huge list of friends in your diary but Best Friend is just one. They are just so special. You can be yourself in front of them. They know everything about you, every small detail. You can be together anytime and every time, even during that makeup-free pajama sessions. A best friend never judges you at any point in time.

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Every best friend duo is not a bro-bro or sis-sis pact. It is also a girl and a boy duo. The bond never sees gender!! But now you think that he’ he is “the one” for you. You feel that strong affectionate vibes around when you both are together. Like being the perfect match. However, you are still confused about the other person. Whether they into you or not is a damn hard answer to find. You don’t want to spoil your friendship but cannot wait to ask them out, on a date. The situation is damn too tight to handle.

So here are some signs that your best friend wants to be more than just your friends but are not aware of it.

They will never praise you in front of other single people

Look at this situation this way. When someone likes you they will not want another person to fall for you. And to make sure this does not happen they will not say any praising or good words about you in front of them. Especially when another person is single af!! Instead, they will try to mock you and will hide your special qualities from others. So if you feel your best friend talks shit about you she is just reducing the chances of their girls to come in your life.

They hate your crush

No matter how diva your crush is if your best friend what to be more than just a friend they will hate them to their core. They will never approve of someone else and will come up with stupid reasons and explanations for that. If you have encountered the same it can be a sign that he /she secretly likes you and your best friend wants to be more than just a friend.

They will try to involve you in every matters of their life

The next sign through which you can detect that your best friend wants to be more than just a friend is whether they take you along everywhere they go or not. One who does means they feel secure and protected around you. So they love to roam together.

They know what you want exactly when you want it

Whether it is your birthday present or a small thing like coffee, if your best friend wants to be more special to you they know exactly what you want and when you want that. people usually observe who they find attractive way more than just a casual person. So it is possible that he/ she is observing you a lot too.

Asks “what is your type” as a general question

The most obvious sign through which you can assume that your best friend wants to be more than just a friend when she asks you stuffs like, what is your type, what are you looking in a partner and so on. But not for any specific reason. Just casually, mostly they will say for general knowledge. Well, the truth is they are trying to understand your criteria for having a girlfriend/ boyfriend and whether they stand at that position or not.
After telling them your preference, if you see they changing their behavior or actions to fit into that ‘ideal type’, wait no more. Just him/ her out now!!!!!

They will put their 100% efforts to do what you likeĀ 

Lastly, when your best friend is attracted to you or likes you, their actions make it obvious. The extra care for you and will try to do everything which you like or have a pinch of interest. Suppose watching a web series so that you both can talk about something in common. Even when things are not “their cup of tea”, they will still give their 100 percent to it. They will try to combat you from any tough situation and will stand in front of you, will protect you.

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