Signs That You Are Giving Up On Your Relationship

At the initial stage of a relationship everything is beyond perfect. Couples are usually in their honeymoon periods and everything is so affectionate. But as time passes by, things start to get more complicated and vague.

The truth is relationships change with time. Marriages don’t last with the same spark and shine as they were in the initial days. So, if you feel you’re falling out of love with your partner it’s high time you try to sort things between each other and try your best to revive the love between each other.

Here are some sings which will confirm that you giving up on your relationship.

giving up on your relationship
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You don’t feel attracted towards your partner anymore

Attraction or crush on any person may not be fixed whole life. They come and go. Also if you are annoyed with a person, instead of feeling attracted you may get the feeling of temporary hatred to them. But when such things are forced to apply on relationships, you must understand the problem has begun.
If you no longer feel attracted to your partner, try to introspect. ask yourself the behind that. Have they hurt you in any manner? Do they have any silly habits that you hate?
Once you get to know the reason behind your detachment confronts your partner on that. Pinpoint such things and discuss them over with him/ her.

They don’t hold any special place in your heart anymore

When you feel like you are done with your relationship, you often level down the position that your partner acquires in your life. They don’t feel special to you anymore. Thus, you treat them like any other person in your life.
Marriage is a bond where both the partners love each other unconditionally. They make their spouse feel special and so to the world. SO if you have started treating your partner just as another fish in the sea, it is not wrong to highlight that you are no longer attached to them and you are giving up on your relationship.

You have stopped missing them

Another sign which tells you that you are giving up on your relationship is not missing your partner when he/ she is not around.
During the initial period in a marriage, couples hardly can part their ways. If possible they try to spend 24 hours together. It is not that shocking that such excitement and spark fade away with time but feeling completely detached with your mate is another story.
If you no longer take your partner into consideration, their decisions don’t hold any importance to you then the situation is surely troublesome.

giving up on your relationship
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You try to spend less time with your mate

When you try to escape the chat time with your spouse, it’s a sign that you are giving up on your relationship. In the beginning, you couldn’t spare even a minute without talking to your partner but now you try every possible way to escape any communication situation.
Try putting some efforts in communication with your partner. But if you feel like not even putting 1% of your struggle over there, it’s time maybe you should get out of it.

You no longer feel any respect or empathy for your partner

Respect plays a very crucial part of making any marriage successful. Even if there is less love but more respect between couples, they will never fall apart.
But when the factor of respect starts diminishing from the marriage, couples are more into fights and arguments. They use harsh language for each other and try to make their mate feel small.
Couples stop listening to each other and don’t even consider involving them in the crucial part of their lives. If you are feeling the somewhat similar situation, its a sign that you are giving up on your relationship.

You no longer want to put effort in your relationship

Every problem can be fixed if one is ready to put their efforts in the betterment of the situation. There is nothing in the world which cannot be fixed. But if you feel totally unmotivated towards working on your relationship its a sign that you’re done with your partner.
You no longer feel like confronting them or discuss any topic, even try to communicate then maybe you should think of leaving and moving on with your life.

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