Signals That You Are A Victim Of Emotional Abuse

Unlike physical abuse which is quite evident and direct, determining emotional abuse is quite difficult. It is very subtle in nature and thus people may fail to detect whether they are experiencing emotional abuse in the relationship or not.

Emotional abuse doesn’t leave any bruise on the body, doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful. It is one of the deadliest ways of domestic violence. It damages the person internally, more in their psychological part. And such scars are a way too hard to heal.

So here are some signs to tell you that your facing emotional abuse in the relationship.

You are told to isolate yourself from social gatherings

This may seem not a problem or small deal but it is the very first sign of an abuser. He/ she tries to cut your link from any and every other people apart from themselves.
Initially, this may look like a romantic time, cutting down on friends and meeting your partner. Giving all the time to each other but such habit often turns into obsession. The abuser will always try to remove your interaction with all your friends and sometimes even family.
An abuser will always try to grab as much time as they can of you, even if it demands to cancel any special events that you have planned with your loved ones.

emotional abuse in the relationship
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The ‘Silent Treatment’

If your partner uses the silent treatment to make you do things they want, you are facing emotional abuse in the relationship. Such type of things heavily affects the psychic of the victim. It may also result in increased anxiety and frustration in them. It is one of the worst punishment in an emotionally abusive environment.
This is a very subtle way for the abuser to all the control from you. In order to gain forgiveness and talk to them, you end up doing anything and everything they want you to do.

They can’t handle conflict

For an emotional abuser, handling conflicts in a positive way are just not possible. They will not listen to anything that opposes them. if you put up your opinion or what is your say, they just can’t gulp it without creating a big scene of it.
And the worst, you will have to face the silent treatment. They will no talk to you for hours, days or even weeks.

emotional abuse in the relationship
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Their jokes are insulting

If your partner talks bad about you, often insults you for who you are, it’s a red flag. They joke about your appearance, skin type, weight, all this is not OK. you may ignore them initially but after sometime, they are just telling you that you are facing emotional abuse in the relationship.

Controlling your behaviour

Not always. People do misunderstand when their partner tells them to do something which is out of their way as emotional abuse. Well, it is not. Telling someone to do something and forcing them is quite different.
In order to understand whether it is abusive behaviour, you need to check if that is coming from a good place or not. Your partner might object if you are doing something which is not healthy for you. If not and they have a habit of doing so, then its a red flag.

emotional abuse in the relationship
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You feel tired around them

Relationships are meant to be healthy and happy. Not always but most of the times. If you don’t feel any such ‘happy’ feeling, instead you are more tired when you are around your partner, surely it is the signal for emotional abuse in the relationship.
An abuser will never giver you a positive vibe. Now think how you feel when they are around you. Shamed, blamed, sad? If yes then it i a red signal for you.

They are needy

An abuser is every time in need of the attention of its partner. Undivided attention. This may seem cute initially but as time passes by giving all of your times is not easy. Balancing between work, friends, and relationship will cause you a major anxiety issue.
in order to gain your attention, they may also try to go ‘over the board’ with their gestures. Like a big flower bouquet or surprising you with huge gifts. yeah, you will get many pieces of advice telling you how ‘cute’ gesture that is but don’t let these bad advice fool you.

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