Shocking Diet Rules That Are Scientifically Accepted

There are end numbers of advice on how to shed weight. Majority of which depends upon the dieting part — which often means eliminating certain foods or food groups, restricting calories, and working out to “make up for” what you ate. But are these facts true to their core? Here are Shocking Diet Rules That Are Scientifically Accepted.

No to breakfast

Omitting Breakfast For Weight Loss
Great Breakfast is very important for weight loss – you might have heard this from everyone but this is not entirely true. Timing isn’t as important as you think. There is no need to eat immediately after you wake up. Also, a good breakfast doesn’t guarantee an overall healthy diet. Ignore these food items too.
While eating, all you need to focus on is at the total calorie intake, food selection and how much time you spend eating each day. So if you don’t love breakfast, skip it.

People Excercising

Exercising on an empty stomach
Apparently our digestive route is very complex. When we eat something, the food takes a lot of time to reach the muscles or our gut.
There’s a lot of science that explains having some food before the workout is very important, but there is a much wider time range “before a workout”. So even if you eat many hours before your training, there’s still plenty of fuel to help you perform and feel great. 
Research published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism found that the protein you eat digests anywhere between one gram per hour and 10 grams per hour. So if you have a meal consisting of 25 grams of protein, that meal could last in your system for up to 25 hours.


Give A Thought to Fasting for Weight Loss
This is one of the most shocking diet rule but thinking about fasting while losing weight is not crazy. Our bodies experience it while sleeping. Thus the idea of going several hours without eating during the daytime shouldn’t be a big deal.
Fasting can actually help your body burn fat (when done correctly), recharge, and stay healthy.
Short daily fasts (for 12 to 16 hours) or a once-per-week daily fast can have health benefits, and it will teach you to separate boredom or thirst from genuine hunger. This shocking diet rule is Scientifically Accepted.


It’s Ok To Have Dinner
We have a perception that eating after dark is the fundamental sin. This is extremely incorrect. An Italian researcher compared eating earlier in the day (10 a.m.) to eating later in the day (6 p.m.) and there was no difference in weight (pounds) lost. Thus, timing doesn’t matter.
So, there is no chance you’ll get fat by eating at night only if you don’t overeat. Even after following every diet rule you are not happy with the outcome, do recheck the Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight ..

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