Shocking Health Benefits Of Using Sandalwood

Sandalwood has existed in our society since ages. Whether it’s about the advantage of them being easily available or the uncountable benefits, sandalwood has been there with since a long time. Even if you will ask your grandparents, they have grown up smelling the exact same scent as your parent and now like you, of sandalwood.

But have you ever imagined that the benefits of sandalwood are not just limited to giving us a mesmerizing aromatic experience but a lot more?

Yes. It is true. Sandalwood is a precious gift to us by Mother Nature and we mustn’t let it go waste. Along with a beautiful scent, sandalwood is occupied with chemicals that are beneficial for our body and mind, both. Sandalwood is a type of wood which is heavy, yellow in colour and is obtained from Santalum. It is also the world’s second most expensive wood and is regarded since centuries. People have also been using sandalwood for home remedies because of their nutrients.

benefits of using sandalwood
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So here are lists of shocking benefits of using sandalwood which will completely change our lives.

P.S. – Trust me this is something you cannot afford to miss.

Heals Ocular Diseases

Yes, this is true. Sandalwood is very beneficial in terms of curing cataract or any other sort of refractive error. It is highly used in Ayurveda for the same purpose. Sandalwood is mixed along with other herbs (neem, bhringaraj,satapatri,madhu,nirguni etc) which creates a paste and it is often used to cure patients with Ocular disease. 

Helps Curing Inflammation

One of the most prominent benefits that sandalwood has is curing internal as well as external inflammation. It also helps in curing soreness (digestive system and nervous system) reason being the presence of antiseptic agents which helps in reducing the inflammation in the urinary bladder and ever genitals. This is one of the great benefits of using sandalwood.

Cures High Blood Pressure

If you suffer from frequent blood pressure issues, it’s high time to look for a solution. And I’m not talking about those English expensive medicines. It’s time to go natural. Just put 2-3 drops of sandalwood oil to our milk and you’re done! This hypo-tensive component helps your body in regulating and managing the blood pressure.
And YES!! Sandalwood is 100% edible.

benefits of using sandalwood
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No More Stress And Anxiety

Sandalwood helps in decreasing the level of stress and hypertension in a human being. It helps the brain to increase the production of serotonin which will ultimately increase wellness and a feeling of positivity inside the person eliminating all the stress and hypertension and leaving you with pleasure and satisfaction.

Cures Itchiness

Sandalwood is a perfect cure for insect bites or any other reason which is causing you itchiness. Just apply a good amount of sandalwood paste on the affected area and leave it for a definite time period. It is a great home remedy for such situations.

benefits of using sandalwood
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Eliminates Body Odour

Along with the pharmaceutical industry, sandalwood has from very initial time become a very useful ingredient for cosmetic business too, specifically in the scent industry. There is no limit to the amount of variety regarding the sandalwood scent present in the industry and this helps us in staying odour free the whole day.

Growth In Kids

If you are worried about the growth of our kids, use sandalwood as a tonic to cure this problem. They help in the growth of internal organs in a very healthy way. It will have a soothing affect on your child and because it is equally herbal natural for your child.

Removes Sunburns

Another important cure to add in the list of benefits of using sandalwood is sunburns. If you are tired of using chemical made de- tan products but they are not giving any results, it’s high to go natural. You won’t believe this but sandalwood is itself a master in curing sunburns. Just apply a good amount of paste on the area and see the results instantly.

benefits of using sandalwood
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Memory Booster

If you tend to forget things more often, it’s time to add sandalwood to your daily routine. Yes, it helps you in retaining things by stimulating the brain cells and also improves the functioning of your brain and nervous system. Just pour a few drops of sandalwood in your milk and you’ll see the results eventually. But do make it a habit because fragmented usage will not give you an apparent benefit.

Seamless Skin

Sandalwood is not just beneficial to your body but to your skin also. Due to its herbal properties it can cure all sorts of skin eruptions. So, next time if you hear someone complaining about their itchiness, blemishes and acne of skin, just recommend them to this natural ingredient.

P.S. – while buying cosmetics for your skin, try to choose the ones who claim to have sandalwood present in them.

benefits of using sandalwood
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Anti Aging

Aging is something which is not that easy to prevent with time. And in order to hide that you end up buying expensive, unnatural makeup products and cosmetics. But do you know that anti-aging is one of the advantages that sandalwood gifts you? Yes, it is among the benefits of using sandalwood and is inexpensive too.

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