Sex words as slang that every girl must be aware of!

You won’t believe but we do have slang for sex too. Yes, you heard that right! I think you all must use these slang while travelling in public place so that nobody can understand what you are talking about. It will work as a code language for you.

So, here are some sex words which can be used as slang and I really hope that these will help you out some time.

sex words
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Now this word is unknown to you I can understand that. It means to orgasm and you can use this term in public as you aren’t saying orgasm that you will have to be ashamed of. Without any hesitation you can talk to the other person in public. Isn’t its cool?

sex words
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Now this does not mean the proper root. The word simply means to have sex like you can say that I will meet you at 8 pm and let’s root! So if you are in public or in front of your parents you can easily talk about all these kind of things in front of any one.

sex words
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To Bagpipe

This is one of the weirdest slang I have ever come across. The meaning of to bagpipe is to give blow job. I know this is little awkward but it’s the truth and I am sure that reader wouldn’t know this word earlier.

sex words
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Basket – making

I guess you might have had the idea by the word making only. Yes, it is talking about love – making. This is really important for all the couples to do as it makes your relationship stronger and better in terms of everything.

sex words
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Post – boned

This is beyond your imagination as it means you are late because you had unexpected sex. The term post – boned sounds like postponed isn’t it? Pronounce it once.

So, these are some sex words that a girl should always keep in mind. Next time you can surprise him by saying these words and if he already knows this then now it has come in your knowledge too. For more sex related updates stay tuned!

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