Rules You Must Follow In Order To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

Things do change after marriage and so does your partner. It is quite natural. After a person gets married, the number of responsibilities and duties are bombarded. And in order to manage everything couples often fail to take out time for each other which often end up in growing tension in their relationship, then fights and ultimately divorce.

Divorce is such a common thing nowadays. It is kindda depressing if you’ll look at the graphs and check how rapidly it is increasing with time. It’s like people no more wants to put any efforts in their relationship and when they do, it’s too late.

Yet people are getting married and want to have a happy and lovely life forever. So here are some rules you must follow in order to save your marriage from getting a divorce.

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Stop Comparing Your Husband/ Wife With Others

Never ever compare your husband or wives with some other person. That’s something they hate to their core. When you make them feel inferior to other person it not only lowers their self- esteem but also creates an emotion of hatred for the same person. So, by doing this you are not right either.
Also, understand that what outside people show to you is very limited and tidy part of their behaviour. So, comparing your partner with something fake or unnatural expectations is just not a right thing to do.

Respect Each other

Mutual respect is a wheel of happily running marriage. You must respect each other under any circumstances. There is a limit and one must understand it before saying or acting in a certain way. Even when you are angry, you must say something but through the prism if respect. Abusing or addressing another person with disrespect is only going to sour your marriage. Just for the sake of showing your authority or calm you Ego you mustn’t disrespect your partner. It’s just not worth it.

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Make Them Your Priority

Yes, whether you are a mother or father, always make sure to keep your spouse your first priority, even before your kids. Ofocurse parenting is a selfless activity but in order to fulfill child’s dreams you end up ruining yours as well of your husband/wife. Never ever sacrifice your marriage for your parenting. That not a right action to perform.
Kids will grow and the will also settle down with someone else. It is just both of you who will be left alone. So, giving each other important is far more better option than getting a divorce out of frustration.

Learn To Forgive

No one is perfect. Not even your husbands and wives. They will make mistake and it is for sure. But it’s you who will have to put down his/her ego and learn to forgive them. If you’ll keep on pilling things up and not forgive the other person your relationship will not grow and you’ll end up getting a divorce.

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Never Ever Use The Word ‘Divorce’

Under no circumstances, you should use big words, especially Divorce. When you are in a heated argument you end up saying things which you may regret later. Similarly phrases such as ‘I’ll leave you’ or ‘I’ll file a divorce’ etc are only going to impact negatively, on your relationship and in the mind of another person.
Such lines are often unforgettable and get stuck in the mind of the listener and will not leave no matter how much you try removing it.

Never Talk About Them At Their Back

You must never say bad things about your partner at their back. Firstly it’s a very bad habit and secondly when they’ll come to know about it (which they will for sure) you won’t be able to save our marriage and yourself from getting divorce. Especially if you do that with your wife, you are welcoming a big fat fight in your relationship.
Instead try and talk to them and communicate what is bothering you. Trust me, you’ll get the best solution to your problem.

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Don’t Try To Change Them

Every individual has their own personalities, their likes /dislikes, preference, opinions and you as a husband/wife must respect that. Your focus should be on how to support them rather than how to change them. Accepting each other as they are is what love is. People often end up getting a divorce because they just cannot accept how their partner is which is just not right.

Groom Yourself

Even after you’re married, it’s very important to keep yourself fit and groomed. Learn to take care of yourself first. How you present yourself in front of your partner is a very important aspect in a marriage. Long, oversized t-shirt and pants are just a big NO!! Why not try sexy lingerie insteajog
o, jogg, go to gym and take care of ourself. Stay Fit.

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