Role of scientific &Research Orientation in Nations moving towards Global Leadership

Scientific & research orientation capabilities are basal for social and economic amelioration in developing countries; viz: health sector, scientific research led to the reinforcement and exordium of oral rehydration therapy, which became the cornerstone of international endeavour to control diarrheal diseases. Research also ingrained the fact that two cents worth of vitamin A provided to children every six months could curtail child mortality in many countries by over one-third. In agriculture, rice-wheat rotation techniques have inevitably embellished food production in South Asia. In Central America, scientifically dependant natural resource management has been indispensable in boosting the tourist industry, a major source of foreign currency.

The advances, alms  and  impersonation of science and technology in all human ventures  are extremely incredible and may sometimes pop up beyond human’s imagination. Science and technology has metamorphosed our world into a ‘global village’ through the emanation of instant communication. The three science and technology waves propelling the world economy and industrial development can be stated as; Information Technology (IT), Materials  and Bio technology. To be a potent partner in the emanate global market, a country must be adept with the usage of cardinal tools of industrial production as well as socio-political advancement which are planted almost solely on science and  technology. Some of the critical issues in which science and technology will assuredly  play sizeable eventual role include; prearranging overruling but economical IT techniques, elixir for major obstinate human killer disease (viz cancer & AIDS etc), population  detonation control, food security, poverty easement as well as qualitative  development and sustainability of the earth environment.

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