Remember These Things If You Are About To Give Up On Love

If you have been searching for love form since a very long time and now you are frustrated because you just cannot find ‘the one’, giving up on love is surely not the solution dear.

We all agree that dating nowadays is just not like it used to be in our older generation. Dating in today’s world is hard and so is finding your soul mate. But just because you are not able to find your soul mate, you’re giving up on love. It is just not a good idea, especially when you are passionate about it. Don’t worry you’ll surely find a real, serious relationship soon.

Dating in today’s world is a lot more complex. But that doesn’t mean you lose hope. Isolation is not good for you either and you just cannot handle that. Continuously making yourself understand that it’s over or you are not destined to meet anyone, life will not work smoothly. You’ll have to believe in yourself. Just let things happen on their own, without losing any sort of hope of self-confidence.

You Learn From Everyone

Every situation is a teacher. You get to know a lot about other stuff even when they were not your soul mate. It’s fine if the date went wrong or was not according to your expectations but despite getting irritated and angry about that situation, think about new things that you learn from your experience. Suppose the coffee was very good and you might wanna revisit the place with your kin and friends later. Or maybe the other person’s opinions were quite interesting to you.

So, sometimes it’s ok that the date was not so good; at least you got to learn many things out of it.

giving up on love
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‘The One’ Is Still Waiting For You

After every breakup, you get a step closer to your soul mate. Of course, it’s not that easy to find your true soul mate in just the first meeting or relationship (until and unless you are damn lucky!). Finding the perfect one takes time and patience. So, if your relationships are not doing well and you usually end up with a breakup, don’t worry you are just walking a step closer to the perfect one.

Also, you’ll get to know more about yourself. What you like, your do’s and don’ts etc. So its better to skip people who are not worthy of your love.

Take Life As A Journey

Life is not about being a destination so you mustn’t treat it that way. Instead, it is a journey so it’s always better to embrace and every step you walk. Stay away from resting, life is not about that. It is more about challenges, which you will face every day and that are situations what will make you stronger for more dispute. Embrace the journey and appreciate what you have at this moment. Just go with the flow and you never there might be some surprise waiting for you on the next stop, giving up on love is not the solution.

giving up on love
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Learn To Let Things Go

You will never find the right one if you will keep on holding the wrong. Similarly, in your life, you must learn to let go of things which are noxious for you, even a toxic relationship. Don’t think about your past once you have determined to move on. Unless and until you’ll open the doors how will new opportunities come to your way? Just giving up on love is not the solution.
So, meet new people, appreciate their presence and learn to live in present.

Situations Cannot Be Always In Your Favour

You need to understand that time cannot and will not be always in your favour. So instead of wasting the right opportunities, learn to use it wisely. If you feel like he/she is meant for you, then stop wasting your time and get into a relationship. Work on your bonding and when you feel everything is sorted, take a step ahead in your life, together.
Don’t wait; no Prince is going to come on a running horse to save you from this cruel world!! You are not a child anymore. It’s your show and you will have to run it.

giving up on love
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Don’t Listen To Anyone

It’s ok to take a second opinion from people around you because the care for you, but the last decision has to be always yours. Don’t let anything hold you back, in any circumstances, Just NO!. No one in this world can judge your talent and capacity to find a lover. Don’t listen to any blabbing, just have faith in yourself and go for it. If you like someone, don’t wait for anything.
Always have a positive attitude towards things, even if that is rejection.

Lastly, I just wanna say that these things take time but in the end, it’s all worth it. Just don’t push yourself so hard onto things and learn to have a positive attitude towards these situations.

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