Relationship Advice From People Who Have Lived Together For 10+ Years

A relationship is an early stage is not that difficult to handle. You are in your honeymoon phase, everything looks so cool and lovable. Less fighting and more sex. There are fewer chances of mistakes and even when one makes it, the other partner is likely to ignore those.
But as time passes by, things and situations began to change. These small mistakes can create a very huge problem in your relationship.

Keeping things romantic and preserve a relationship with same passion is hard that most of people think. This crucial relationship advice from experts will help you in fulfilling this motive.

P.S. These bits of advice are coming directly from people who have stayed together for 15 years.

Remember You Both Are A ‘Team’

You both are talking and you both share complete different ideologies and opinions on the same. Suddenly the debate changes into a heated argument. And rather than putting forward your point of views, now it is all about winning.
If you have faced this situation often in the past days of your relationship this can be a red flag.
Winning makes you feel better, agreed, but on what cost? This is the real question you need to ask yourself before boiling out in any argument. Is it all worth the fight and consequences that you will be facing after it is over?
Guess not!! So always remind yourself that you both are on the same side and want the same thing to happen. Constructive arguments are no harm, instead, they will make you a better person altogether. But in the end its all about being a team, not opponents. This is very crucial relationship advice from experts.

crucial relationship advice from experts
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Learn How To Communicate

There is no doubt how important is the communication part for a healthy and well-established relationship. But what is even more important is communicating in a specific way that your partner is fond of.
Yes, it takes efforts to preserve a relationship and make it work for long. Understand and learn the form of communication your partner is most comfortable and interested in.
Are you aware of the “five love language”?

  1. Words of affirmation.
  2. Acts of service.
  3. Receiving gifts.
  4. Quality time.
  5. Physical touch

Observe and find out which type is best suited for your partner. Whether they love your sugarcoated texts or a cute little teddy bear, what is their preference of communication?

Show Gratitude

If you want to preserve something, learn to be grateful about it. Same is the situation with your relationship. Show your gratitude towards it. Be grateful for your partner and for the life you both have built together.
It is quite a good exercise to make your partner understand their worth and how lucky you feel to have them.
Things might get a bit emotional here but guess what, it’s important too. Always show that you emotional side to them when needed. Cherish your best experiences together and thank him/her for being there with you all the time. This is very crucial relationship advice from experts.

crucial relationship advice from experts
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Accept Your Mistake And Apologize

A relationship is very fragile and when you hit it with a crude hammer of ego, it shatters down to small pieces. Every human being has a tendency to think that they are 100% right in all situations and your partner is wrong.
Well, the situation is not that easy. Every person has a different set of ideologies and beliefs. What is 6 to you is maybe 9 to them?
If you feel you have screwed up things, own it. Stand by your mistakes and take full accountability for it.
When you acknowledge your fault and apologize for it, you make a clear space for your relationship to grow.

It’s Ok To Compromise

Don’t let those stupid suggestions by others or online quotes fool you. It is OK to compromise sometimes what you want for someone you love. Respect each other and their choices even when you have to sacrifice yours. In the end, it’s all worth it.
A good relationship stands on the bamboos of compromises done by both partners. But never ever settle for low or less. Give what you have and can afford. Life is too short to think soo much, just live, laugh and love. That is all which matters in the end. This is very crucial relationship advice from experts.
It is OK to eat Italian sometimes even if you wanted to go for Chinese food.

Also remember, before being partners or a couple, you both are friends. Treat things and situations that way. It will help you build a more strong and healthy environment where you both can live peacefully with each other.

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