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With time and new technology, gadgets are getting more portable and user-friendly. From telephones we came to mobiles/ cell phones, huge televisions sets were changed into slim and now rollable TV screen. The innovation never stops. So, here is some best portable gadget which will bring out the tech-savvy in you.


portable gadget

One of the major problems with small gadgets is they can be easily lost. And in order to protect them, you will have to keep a strict eye on them which let’s face it, is not possible every time.
So you were looking for some substitute eye for your small tiny things your wish just came true, Tile Mate Item Finder. It is a portable gadget which makes sure you never lost anything.
All you need to do is attach this small square shapes tracker with your valuable item and that’s it. The Tile companion app will help you in finding the lost device by locating it virtually.

This app works even in the absence of the app. You can just remotely make them flash, ring and vibrate.


portable gadget

Nowadays going out without a power bank is a pain. You never know when your phone might say ‘goodbye’ to you. If you are an iPhone user, you must be well aware of this unfortunate situation.
But the problem with carrying one is the size. A good MAH power bank comes in a bulky big shape and carrying that without a bag is nearly impossible.

Not anymore. Anker has come up with a ‘palm-sized’ portable power bank which serves all your purpose. Surprisingly it holds 10000mAh battery power and can charge iPhones multiple times. This portable device comes in with a voltage boost technology and can very easily also optimizes the charging speed for different devices.


portable gadget

Attaching SD and Micro SD cards in other devices are not an easy task. Not all computers provide you with the slot to do so whereas laptops mostly have one. Especially if you are a photographer you surely understand the pain and labor behind this process.

In order to make the situation easier and less irritating for you, Anker has come up with a USB 3.0 card reader. The micrSD card slot provides you with an opportunity to read and write, do both concurrently.


portable gadget

If you are looking for an upgrade for your Bluetooth device, TaoTronics can be a great solution. It provides you with more than 3 hours of work time on a single charge.
The earphones come along with a 3350 mAh charging case to charge it on the go. You can carry this portable gadget anywhere without any hassle.
They are also a great alternative to Apple AirPods which may seem an overbudget expenditure to you.


portable gadget

The need for earplugs is infinite. Especially where you are on the move and don’t want to listen all that chatter going on, they are the ultimate savior. But the major problem in the situation is the cables!! No matter how sorted and properly you keep them, you will end up being even more tangled than before.

If you feel this same situation every time you want to listen to music, this earplug holder and cord organizer from Tophome is all that was missing from your life. You can just simply wrap your earbud around and that’s it. The product is made up of genuine leather and is handmade.


Portable gadget

Who doesn’t love taking pictures but not everyone can afford a DSLR. And even if you buy one, it is not always possible to carry it along every time you go somewhere out.

We have got you a solution to this, Amir Clip-on camera lens. Unlike those in DSLR/ SLR, they are very lightweight and compact to carry. The bundle carries 180-degree fisheye lens, a 0.4x super wide-angle lens, and a 10x macro zoom lens which can give you ideal closeup shots of any subject and under any circumstances.

Suggested by the name, all you have to do is just clip it on your camera and voila! you are all sorted. This portable gadget works with almost all popular Android and Apple cell phones. So gear up your photographer mode.


portable gadget

Folding keyboards have existed since a very long time but they are not that pocket-friendly.

Talking about the specs, these keyboards can be folded down to a size of large smartphones and are compatible with any Bluetooth capable device, including iPhones, windows or android phone.
They are quite long-lasting and lightweight ( more or less 7 ounces) in nature. Thus giving you the opportunity to carry them anywhere along with you. They are made up of metal and polymer and easy to store.

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