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As the New Year has just started, you must be planning a trip for the entire year now. If I tell you that you must visit California if you are going to USA as going to New York and Paris are now too mainstream.

If you like to travel and want to explore the unheard places to visit in California so, let’s get started with the list. 

places to visit

Long Beach

I must say that it is the most beautiful places that I have ever seen in California. You can enjoy the adventure and other sports here and if you are adventurous enough then you must visit this place for a great experience. 

If you love music you can also visit the Beach performing Arts Center where they play Orchestra or Opera. The best part is that it is good for both bachelors as well as the families to roam around the place and have fun. 

Not only this, Disneyland, Disney Parks and many other tourist attractions are also just an hour away and this is one of the best places to visit in California.

places to visit

Death Valley National Park

The valley lies below the sea level and it is considered one of the most driest, lowest and hottest national park in California.

The park is covered with snow and it has sand dunes also and huge desert that provides a wide diversity of habitats.

The park is situated in around 3.4-million-acre area. 

places to visit

Santa Monica

The location is situated in Los Angeles. The most famous landmarks of the Santa Monica is Santa Monica Pier several kinds of parks including amusement parks, Aquarium and a lot of restaurants too with the Pacific Ocean views.

 If you are an art lover then you can also visit the Edgemar Center for the Arts, 18th Street Art Complex and Bergamot Station which has around 20 galleries in total.

places to visit


The location lies in the Southern California coastline between Los Angeles and San Diego and is popular for the Disneyland Resort along with other family attractions. If you are more of a beach lover, then you can also enjoy here and attractions are Huntington Beach, the premiere surfing beach in Orange County.

places to visit

Palm Springs

The desert offers a total 350 days of outdoor adventure where you can go for hiking and off-road jeep safari or you can roam around via bicycle or motorbike. The most played game is Golf in Palm Springs and here are a lot of water-parks too for the water babies.

You can visit the museums including the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum and the Children’s Discovery, Museum of the Desert and many more.

In short Palm Springs is for all the people seeking adventure, water sports and who love art and culture. So, if you are confused I hope you are much sorted now.

places to visit

The Giant Forest

The Giant Forest is a combination of Sequoia trees in the forest. You will see these trees all over the forest and because of this the forest is dense. This forest is also known for the General Sherman Tree which is considered one of the most largest trees in the world.

You can roam around the forest to explore more only by walking. It has a trail too but for that you will get all the important information at Giant Forest Museum.

These are some places to visit in California that you can go to. For more travel related updates stay tuned!

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