Places to Discover New Cuisines Around the World

Travelling and discovering food go hand in hand. While going somewhere you have great chances to explore food that you never had. So, today we are talking about some of the best food cities in the world and if you are travelling to nearby places then you should definitely stop here and enjoy the exotic taste of dishes.

best food cities in the world
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The food in Singapore has diversity from Chinese to Indian and there are a lot of restaurants who offers a wide range of varieties in food. Now a lot of younger chefs in Singapore are trying to develop their taste by making something unique and mix the cuisines from all over the world.

They do not limit themselves creating their masterpiece with Singapore’s food ingredients but try to take the best from all over the world and make something different. You will find here a lot of things that you eat in your daily routine.

best food cities in the world
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New York

New York is one of the best food cities in the world and Hot dogs, Oysters, bagels are some of the prominent dishes that you must have if you ever visit New York. It is one of the most romantic places around the world and best for couples and newlyweds. The destination is known for its uniqueness in cuisines and you will find a lot of street food, restaurants almost everywhere.

Chefs are now trying to make their own different dishes and you should definitely taste them. From Nordic food to Albanian cuisines everything is available here.

best food cities in the world
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When in Canada, Toronto is the place that comes to our mind in terms of culturally diverse food there. While it has a vast variety of foods and it is flourishing more in terms of new dishes. The Granville Island Market is famous here for all the food vendors and stalls and you can experience everything in this market.

Vancouver is beautiful place to visit but what make it more beautiful is its different cuisines from all over the world. From rustic Italian fare to handmade dumplings and sushi we can get anything here. So whenever you visit Canada or any nearby place have these foods.

best food cities in the world
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London is the most diverse countries around the globe and you will find regional and virtual cuisine in the country. You will find numerous restaurants and local vendors with their stalls and often provides wide range of variety in food that they make.

These days Chefs are also innovating their own dishes in the country.

best food cities in the world
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The place is famous for wine and good food. The Chefs are trying hard to make the best food out here for the people as it is a major Australian destination. From sushi to hot dog, everything is famous and comes at a great deal. The place is known for breakfast which is commonly known as brekki also and it also one of the good business in Melbourne.

So, these are some of the best food cities in the world and whenever you go at these places do experience the great food out here I am sure you will like it. For more food related updates stay tuned!

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