New Traditions To Begin With This Father’s Day

Every Father’s Day has that same routine. You get presents, he gets the party and you watch say a movie and fall asleep. But these days are special and should be planned that way.

So here are some new traditions you can begin in your family to make your father feel special not just on one particular day but always.

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A special ‘Thank you’ letter

Fathers do a lot for us which mostly goes unnoticed or say unaccredited. It is very important to tell him once in a while that you truly acknowledge what they have done for you.
A text would have been a great idea if it is used for chatting or exchanging information. When you are pouring your heart with words, they must be written in a better form. And nothing is as fabulous as a handwritten letter. You just cannot find a substitute which has so much warmth in it.
So take out time and draft a letter. Do it in silence and with patience. Put your efforts in making him feel special this Father’s Day. Trust me he’ll really appreciate it.

Family Get-together

If you don’t live with your parents, you can use this occasion for a surprise get together. Call your aunts, uncles and plan a surprise party for your dad. Celebrate this day together and hold a giant BBQ.

Spa Session is a good plan

Your father making steaks and chicken on his own day is not a good plan. After all, we all loved to be pampered, so does your father. Instead of making him cook, plan a spa session for him. Or if you wanna do something a bit “in the budget” take him to a good saloon. No man hates a good haircut.
Him relaxing by the facial treatment or head massage is worth a million dollar feel, seriously. Father’s day is for fathers, give him the best he deserves.

Plan him a trip with his friends

Spending time with the family is surely the best thing for him. He surely loves you all. But maybe him spending time with his old school friends means something else to him, something special. And just like I said, the day is all about him so a reunion will be a great gift.
Having a blast with his oldies, few drinks, food, and all those dad jokes, if we put in simple words – a perfect day.

Make him your tour partner

Staying all day at home, laying at the couch, having beer and movie, sounds fun right?
Well nah! how can you just sit when there is so much to discover in this world.
This Father’s Day plan ahead a place which you would like to go or discover and don’t forget to take along your partner, your dad.

Donate Charity

Celebrate this Father’s Day by donating what and where your dad is passionate about. Dogs, orphanage or anywhere, donate in your father’s name. You can do that online or just go at that place along with him.
Spend some time there and cherish the moments.
These small gestures will aid you to accelerate the love in your bond.

Make him breakfast or lunch

Or maybe dinner!
Everybody just loves having breakfast in bed, your father in no less. So this Father’s Day let him sleep instead of those 6:00 am alarm calls. And you can spend that time preparing him a good morning tea and healthy breakfast.
If no, then preparing lunch is also a good plan. Yes, it’s your father who has been preparing grill and steaks for years, its high time you change this norm.
If you want to experiment with the food, great. But our advice is that no need to go over the board with the food, just prepare what you are best at.
Make him rest that day and you do all the labor.

Movie ‘Date’

Remember those time when you were a kid and your father used to take you out for movies? or you just had date nights at home with lots of popcorn and your 3D glasses on?
Well, it’s time for you to prepare all that. Movie date with your father is a good plan. you can check new movies for the week or if you want to have a more private moment, just plan the screening in your backyard with these movies. But make sure you don’t forget the most crucial part of all… POPCORNS !!!!!!

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