Negative Self Talk Phrases You Should Stop Using Right Now

Whatever we speak has a very major effect on our perception and views whether it is for the world or as an individual. All day long you say something or the other. While having interpersonal communication or interpersonal communication, you must be always careful with your choice of words. Words are one of the most powerful tools in this world. It can do both, make and break you. Phrases You Must Stop Using Right Now

Of course, negative self-talk is the easiest thing in the world but that’s not how life works. You’ll end up having depression. It lowers down your mood and also acts as an indicator of self-judgment and evaluations. Thus you must say things wisely else they’ll only create negativity and lowers down yourself morale. So, here are some phrases you must stop using right now.

negative self-talk
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1. “I’m an total idiot”

You must have used this phrase around when you are pissed off or fed up with yourself. But what you don’t realize is that such phrases will only demolish your confidence. Also when you use ‘I’m’ it means you are declaring it, a fixed statement and you see no scope of growth in yourself.
When you keep repeating such things you’ll end up accepting them in real life and feeling more like a ‘loser’. Such toxic words must be replaced with not so harsh statements, such as – “I don’t understand this right now.” Such statements at least leave a room for you to introspect the situation unlike before.

negative self-talk
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2. “It’s my entire fault”

Keeping aside one’s ego and accepting the mistake is one of the most appreciated habits of a human being. But when you start accepting mistakes made by others, that is exactly where you went wrong. In some situations, considering ‘I’, ‘Me and ‘Myself’ is the best kind of mantra you can follow. You must apologize but for the mistake you have made and not for the part of others. So, always replace this “It’s my entire fault” with “I was also included in this situation and take full responsibility of my part in this matter”. 

negative self-talk
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3. “I never should have……..”

No one is perfect in this world and everyone ends messing up things in the end. So, regretting is not an issue here. But to what extent you are feeling guilty, is. Guilt or regret is the most toxic form of negative self-talk. When you look back in your past and address the mistakes you have made, you are often shadowed by this form of feeling. But you mustn’t stay back there, crying over all the bad things that took place because it is the present which is more important, so embrace it.

negative self-talk
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4. “Why can’t I be like them?”

Comparing happens when you feel that the other person is equipped with something that you don’t possess. But what you don’t understand is which side of theirs you are comparing with. Most of the people have this, outside personality to show others and if you are getting influenced by that, dear that’s not right. Much of this feeling of comparison is embedded in our society since ages. They have set the rules of what is attractive and what isn’t. So, learn to break these dim-witted rules and feel beautiful the way you are, because you are precious.
Anyway, using negative self-talk statements like “Why can’t I be like them?” will only make you suffer and will not let you grow in a better person. So next time you feel like comparing someone with you, just shift your observation to something ever more diverse and cherish the amount of uniqueness they hold. Life is not a competition, rather cooperation. Live it like that.

negative self-talk
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5. “They must be thinking I’m …….”

These statements are often used when you assume what others people must be thinking about you and those thoughts, about the judgments, just make you worry about what they think about you. But it is not always that whatever you are thinking is true. You make these assumptions on the basis of what you feel people must be considering and also such statements just prosper negative sort of self-talk and are too toxic for you to use.
First of all, you should never ever care about what people think about you. Let them just be. Instead you must focus on the betterment of your inner self and make yourself look better in the eyes of not others, but you.
Secondly, if you still care about others, it’s just not the right thing to assume what they think about you as views and thoughts do vary. So you will end up unnecessarily making your life toxic due to negative self-talk for no reason though.

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