Must Have Things In A Woman’s Handbag (Except MAKEUP)

Nowadays, being a woman is a lot more than just rushing around makeup and shopping. Modern women are full of work and responsibilities whether inside or outside the house. When you are going to meet someone or going to attend a party, you must keep these things in your bag but in emergencies, they will not help. To tackle a tough situation or during any emergency course, mascara or lipstick is not going to help you. So stop being a teenage girl and act like a lady. Here are a few things which are must-have in a Woman’s Handbag.

Woman’s Handbag

1. Bunch of Safety Pins

There is no limit to the benefits a safety pin provides us. They act as a saviour. Whether there is a hole in your dress or your button just popped out of somewhere, the safety pin is here to help you. So, no matter where you work, in high story buildings or café or anywhere in this world, just make sure you always carry a bunch of safety pins along with you.

Woman’s Handbag

2. Menstrual Pads

You never know when that irritating period will hit you so it’s always better to be prepared in advance. Obviously, you will not like your pastel coloured dress full of red stains. They don’t weight tons so, it is ok to keep sanitary pads in your bag even if you are not on your periods. Be secured from any such emergency situations.

Woman’s Handbag

3. Don’t Forget To Keep Some Band-Aids

Band-Aids are not only useful at our homes, but they are also way more beneficial even when you are out. There is no doubt that band-aids are must have in Woman’s Handbag. They aid you in any sort of wound whether it is a cut or scratch, just apply a band-aid and you are all set to resume our work. They are also very beneficial at times of shoe bite.

Woman’s Handbag

4. Tissues/ Wet Wipes

Hankies are tricky to store. I mean where will you keep that dirty and filthy handkerchief after its use? So, tissues and wet wipes are a great alternative to this problem. Just use and dump them in the dustbin. Whether you need to wipe your oily skin, or wipe hands or even clean someplace before sitting with that white lower, tissues help you in all these sorts of situations.

Woman’s Handbag

5. Mouth Fresheners

Bad breath evidently drops your image in front of people. Stinking breath is something which no one can ignore at any cost. So why take any chance when you have the solution? Make sure to carry mouth fresheners (chewing gum, spray, strips etc) in Woman’s Handbag whenever you go out. You never know when that ‘kiss situation’ might occurs.

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