Must-Have Apps For Every Dog Owner

If you are a dog owner or are planning to own a dog, you know very well how much they love you, even more than yourself. Having one in the family is like a blessing. They are just adorably cute and the only best friend whom we can trust.

 With owning a dog come great responsibilities. It’s not an easy job to pull. Whether it’s about their food or medical necessities, you’ll have to take care of them just like a little baby. Their health is just non-negotiable. Nut now because most us you own an android phone, you can share your responsibilities with them.

Surprised?  Well, there are end numbers of apps which will help you with the parenting process in a more productive and dog-friendly way. So whether you are a new parent or an experienced one, we have got you a huge list of apps that will help you become a more informed parent.

app for every dog owner
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Pet First Aid

The health of your doggo is surely the most important thing among all. It is something which just cannot go wrong. For this purpose, the American Red Cross has come up with an app called ‘Pet First Aid’. This app is a one-stop solution for all sort of credible veterinary bits of advice and solutions. It helps you in almost all sorts of situations by providing you with an ideal, trustworthy solution to it.
Though you must consult a vet personally on serious issues but other soft concerns like behaviour, actions can be deal using this app.

Pet Care Services Finder

Google maps are helpful, no doubt on that, but when you are looking for something specific like a store or vet about which you are not thoroughly informed, Pet Care Services Finder is the best substitute. This app helps you in locating nearby places such as a veterinary, a pet supply store, a dog park, a groomer or anything related to dogs you are looking for. Not just that, this app also tells you the exact location and also the distance from your actual location. Isn’t it helpful?


This app promises to provide 24-hour access on matters such as health, training, nutrition etc. PetCoach eliminates the extra hard work of searching the Internet for hours to get a perfect solution for your concern. The app directs you towards the perfect solution in no minute. They have ample of certified dog trainers, vets, nutritionist etc who are ready to solve your problems at any time of the day and night. This is a must-have app for every dog owner.

app for every dog owner
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Are you planning for a trip but don’t know how to take your dog along? Well, don’t worry about it because BringFido is the perfect solution. The app tells you about all the pet-friendly locations of a particular place. Whether you are looking for a pet-friendly hotel, restaurant, park etc, all you have to do is just use this app. So, without any delay, pack our bags and our doggo’s too. This is a must-have app for every dog owner.


If your pet also owns an Instagram, facebook account, BarkCam is the perfect substitute for your classic inbuilt camera. This app is solely responsible for taking good pictures of your dog by taking their attention towards the screen.

Tractive Dog Walk

Walk for the dogs are as important as feeding them. This app helps you in tracking the daily walk of your pet by using the built-in GPS of your phone. Not just that, you can also save the favourite route or lane to come back next time. You can also share the save done with your friends.

app for every dog owner
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Relax My Dog

This is something new though. Relax My Dog is an app, especially made with special reference to the pupps and doggos. The app has loads of relaxing music to calm down your pet. The high-pitched frequency behind the soothing melodies makes them relax and removes all sorts of tiredness, anxiety and depression from them. This is a must-have app for every dog owner.

Finding Rover

The worst nightmare any parent can have is about their child going missing. Precaution is better than cure and you must be prepared for this situation also. Finding River works in a face-recognition technology to save your pup from going missing. It makes an account along with the face of your dog for any such situation. This is a must-have app for every dog owner.
It is also beneficial if you come across any street dog, just scan their face on that app and help them meet their family.

Squeaky Toy Sounds

The purpose of this app is to distract the dog from their current situation. The app makes a squeaky noise to attract the attention of your pet. This can be used when our doggo is acting out or is barking at something unnecessarily. You can also use it for dog training purpose.

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