Movies That Are Perfect For Your Next Date Night

Date nights are a great time to open up with your partner and spice up things a little bit. If it’s your first date then you must stay a bit alert with things. Creating an impression is a very important task. Date night is a perfect time to start a conversation with your partner, know them better chat around but make sure you don’t rush things up. You must forbid doing some things while on your first date.

Do you know what can be a major turn off? A bad date night movie. In order to make the other person comfortable your choice of the movie should be subtle in nature.

Picking a good date night movie is just not an easy task to pull. There are plenty of good ones though but picking up the right one which, which is neither dry nor over is top is difficult.

In my opinion, date nights should movies not just have to be over the top romantic rather they must have a pinch of humor, action, and suspense. Such movies make sure the audience are into them the whole time instead of feeling sleepy and boring.

Finding all these qualities in one movie may seem difficult to you but we are here to help. We understand you have other things to focus on so we have got you a perfect list of date night movie that will not only make you both feel comfortable and are great as hell!!

When We First Met 

You just can’t go wrong with Adam DeVine’s in a movie and guess what Alexandra Daddario’s is in too. Guess you just hit the jackpot.

The movie revolves around the life of Avery who met a girl and fell in love with her. But the girl didn’t feel the same way. After few years, Avery is getting married to some another guy and in order to woo her with his charm, Avery has gone back to the first time they met. The movie has loads of humor, love, and romance and is surely gonna take you on a roller coaster of emotions.

Bird Box

Choosing a horror genre for you date night movie can be quite subjective but trust me if you both are into scary/ horror stuff, Bird Box is a good pick.

The plot revolves around the struggle of a pregnant women Sandra Bullock, who is running from deadly creatures which shouldn’t be seen with the naked eyes. It is even more astonishing that it looks.

The movie will surely keep you on the edge of your seat, covering your eyes multiple times skipping the scenes out of horror but in the end, you both will enjoy it while clutching to each other’s hand firmly. In the end its all worth it.

We’re The Millers

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Next one in the list of date night movie is, We’re The Millers. The movie starring Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter, is a good pick if you are planning to keep the mood light and funny.

The plot revolves around a part-time pot dealer who hires a pimp, a teen and his neighbor to fake a family and help him with the drug shipment. Well, what can go wrong in that situation? Actually everything. The movie will make you laugh every second and is perfect for a lazy cozy date night.


There is no occasion where Deadpool won’t fix it. Sexy Ryan Reynolds with a sultry suit and badass attitude, no one wanna miss it, right?

The movie is solely about a guy, Wade Wilson, who in order to cure his cancer becomes a subject to an experiment. Well, that did help him in removing it but the price was way too high than he expected. This movie has action, romance, humor, anything and everything you can think of!! Make sure you add this to your date night movie list.

Thor: Ragnarok

Another one from the Marvel universe in the list. It’s like you just can’t get over them. Whether your partner is in Superhero types or not, they won’t be disappointed by Thor at any cost. Just count on me for that.

You will keep laughing the whole time as Thor tries to save his home, Asgard from his evil sister Hella. The movie is full of humorous dialogue and action which will keep you glued to the screen all the time.

If nothing else, at least you will get to watch Chris Hemsworth for more than 130 minutes. What else do you want? I guess its totally worth it. So don’t think much just add this to your list.

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