Lions walking ahead of the cars on road at African National Park left netizens amazed: Watch video here

We all have been through the traffic jams and it is really annoying as we have to wait for the road to get clear.

One same incident took place in African National Park and people from all over the world can’t believe what happened.

A video that has been doing the rounds all over the internet these days where group of four Lions were seen parading down the streets of the African National Park and halted the road that led to the heavy traffic on the road. All the visitors who came to see them were amazed and sacred at the same time.

African National Park

It is one of the most trending videos on internet these days and has crossed more than 2 million views within a short span of time. The people who were around and tourists were amazed to see them walking down the streets.

After watching the video, netizens has gone crazy, some were astonished while others were thrilled and the visitors were seen capturing the priceless moment in their mobile phones. Some were seen clicking pictures and making videos. Most of the people commented this video as “Stunning but scary”.

The group of Lions was seen walking down the streets with such glory and watching them from so close is every one’s dream.

Here are some of the best comments and reactions that people gave after watching the trending video.

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