Lack Of Sleep Can Cause You Serious Health Issues

Sleep deprivation has become a very popular health issue nowadays. Not getting enough sleep is quite common with people of all age groups. The workload and deadlines are snatching away the basic need of people. Sleep being one of them is very important for a healthy life. You are successfully overcoming the sleep with a good cup of coffee now, but for a long run it will only deteriorate our health and affect your immune system. There is no limit to the number of physical as well as the mental disease you can acquire because of lack of sleep. So, here is a list of a few health issues regarding the same.

lack of sleep

1. Weak Immunity

A strong immunity system is very important to sustain in a world like this which is full of pollution and diseases. It helps you fight the ‘bad bacteria’ and aids in combating the diseases. So, technically it is very important to protect it. But when you end up skipping the sleep, you are actually deteriorating cytokines, antibody levels and other our immune chemicals making your body prone to various diseases.

lack of sleep

2. High Blood Pressure

Your heart is also the one which is affected by your lack of sleep. When you don’t sleep properly your body remains exhausted and has to put more efforts in order to do the daily chores. Sleep deprivation can elevate your blood pressure and if looked at the worst case scenario, you can also be a victim of strokes. However, it does not happen in 2-3 days, but for a long run it can affect your heart very badly and cause you many other heart diseases.

lack of sleep

3. Mood Swings

You must have felt this one. Every time you break your 9 hours of sleep schedule, you end up being cranky and bad tempered the whole day. The reason behind this is that lack of sleep increases moodiness and takes away your control on yourself. This usually results in irritation and making you angry for no reason the whole day.

lack of sleep

4. Diabetes

This may sound a bit shocking but regular sleep deficiency can actually add up to diabetes. So basically those people who skip their sleep become the victim of high cortisol level and low insulin level. This increases your sugar level, escalating the risk of diabetes.

lack of sleep

5. Depression

Insomnia can be a path for you to depression. In fact, they are like brothers, if you are facing one; you are likely to encounter the other also. They go hand in hand. However, when you are not able to sleep you end up actually worrying about it and waste the rest of the time thinking about stuff that can cause you depression. So if you are a patient of insomnia is high time to consult a doctor.

lack of sleep

6. Aches

Lack of sleep basically interrupts the standard growth of hormones in your body. It also tampers the repairing process of tissues which is perfumed at night while sleeping. So, unfortunately, when these functions are stopped or delayed, they often cause aches and pain in your body.                                                    

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