Is Your Partner Emotionally Neglecting You?

No relationship is perfect. They have their own ups and down and demand equal consideration and heed from both the sides. A relationship is something which works smoothly when it is dealt with an ample amount of care, patience and the most important thing – attention.

Undivided attention is the most prior thing is any sort of relationship. It is just non-negotiable. If you are going through depression and anxiety in your relationship, there is a possibility that your partner is emotionally neglecting you. Often conversations end on a bad note because of the misunderstanding and feeling of being ignored because either you or your partner was not giving the amount of attention in the matter which is needed.

emotional neglect
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We all have expectations in our relationship and when they are left midway, issues and fights shadow up the love life. Many such small incidents often led to emotional neglect and become the major culprit behind mental and emotional harassment.

Is your partner emotionally neglecting you? Here are some signs which will help you identify it.

They Don’t Make Eye Contact While Talking

It may not seem that important to you but eye contact is a very crucial part. If they don’t make eye contact while you have a conversation or while you enter their room, it is a danger sign.
Not looking in the eye is a very subtle way of ignoring anyone. Your partner acts weird or strange

If you don’t pay much attention on this aspect then it is high time you do it.

emotional neglect
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They Stay Away From Disputes

This may look like a good thing to you but in a relationship fights and arguments are very essential. They make soul mates understand each other’s need and expectations. An argument is actually a sign of a healthy relationship.
If your partner favours to stay away from disputes and doesn’t like to argue with you on anything, it’s not a positive sign for your relationship. This is a clear sign of emotional neglect. It may mean that your partner doesn’t feel like investing any time to talk upon things.

They Are Not Supportive

Next sign of emotional negligence can be observed when your partner always ask for your help in almost every situation but are never there to pay back that support.
Many couples face this problem when one among them is very supportive and helpful but outside the relationship, for other people and not for them. They make you feel that your requirement is not their accountability.
This habit turns even a super healthy relationship in a toxic one.

emotional neglect
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They Are Not Happy In Your Happiness  

Think about times when you were appreciated in your office or say when you got a promotion, was he/she happy for you?
If you feel that your partner is always on the negative side, making you feel he/she is not proud of you, this is a clear sign of emotional neglect in a relationship. They always try to make you feel led down, criticize you and don’t feel happy while you succeed, it’s a red flag.
If you have experienced any such habit in your partner, it’s high time think about your relationship.

They Ignore Important Dates

Whether it is about any significant function, your birthday or anniversary, your partner keeps on forgetting it?
Do you feel let down because of their ignorant habit?
Partner often tend to forget each other’s special day. Though it is a forgivable mistake, if your partner has made this a habit, this is surely a red flag.

Also if they don’t apologize rather try to make the importance lighter, you should not neglect it.

emotional neglect

Walking Out

Sometimes walking out is fine when any one of you is busy with some works or is distracted by something important. But if they have made walking out from a conversation their habit, you must consider this worth attention.
This is a very dreadful and disrespecting behaviour otherwise too. It makes the other person feel as if the conversation holds no importance to them. Ultimately making them feel worthless and pushing them into mental harassment.

Your Comfort Doesn’t Matter

In today’s scenario where everyone is so occupied in their own life, they hardly get time to invest in their relationships and this improper nourishing of love can be one of the major causes for emotional neglect. Does your partner also lack in proving basic comfort and support to you when you are together?
Does he often refuse to hug you when you need to? Or neglects your basic comfort level? If yes then he must be neglecting your emotions in some way.

The most helpful solution in all these situations is communication. If you feel any sort of emotional neglect or emotional harassment then you must talk to your partner and make them understand what’s bothering you. This way both of you will understand the cause and later work on it.

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