Is Squabbling Healthy For A Relationship?

There is no relationship in this world which hasn’t gone through tough days, fights, bickering and what not. Some even have regular fights and are too much dedicated to prove their point and make themselves look superior in the matter. Sometimes the matter or situation is very trivial but still results in squabbling in the relationship.

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Talking about squabbling, according to experts it is not a major sign to indicate that there is a problem in one’s relationship. Every bond has some issues and they can result in small arguments once in a while but that does not make the relationship wrong or problematic. Some experts even say that arguments are quite healthy and happiness booster in a relationship, if taken constructively. Everyone is different and so is their values, opinions, and thoughts. Thus it may cause a clash of opinions and choices in a relationship. Actually, it’s quite common.

SO, one must look at the level of discussion and nature of these arguments and make sure they don’t turn themselves into a toxic one. Healthy criticism is a good practice but when it is taken in with a negative feeling, it can create a toxic relationship between the couple. So before saying anything imagine yourself in that position. Will those words hurt you, if the answer is yes it is a good idea to not utter those to your partner.

Squabbling in the relationship is quite common. They should happen once in a while. You get to learn a lot of things about each other but if you are experiencing constant squabbling in the relationship, it is high time t sit down and solve it with your partner before things get worse.

You both squabble at wrong time or wrong place

Having a mood off can take place anywhere and anything. When you are out for lunch with your mutual friends or in a mall, park, anywhere!! There is no dedicated time for a person to get mad on another one but when one should sort things out is very necessary, especially when you are in a special relationship with that person.

Fights and squabbling in the relationship are solved well when they are discussed in a private or closed environment. Go back home and talk instead of creating a scene on the spot in front of everyone. When you squabble or argue in a public space of when you are around other people you not just affect yourself but the healthy environment and your guests who are here just to have fun.

Parties, get together, family dinners, these places and not for arguing. Even if you feel like doing it at least wait till you get home. Such incidents make other people feel you both are not having good terms even if you guys are enjoying yourselves completely.

Not forgetting about it

You squabbling in the relationship, you speak your mind out, you find a solution then get over it. STOP thinking about past arguments. Because if you are constantly stuck with past thoughts and cannot manage to get yourself over with it, it’s high time that you understand that you are squabbling in an unhealthy way.

They are supposed to vanish after the solution has been drawn and not haunt you for days. If you are not able to forget about the squabbling in the relationship it’s high time you think about it. Don’t let things get worse because of negligence. Sit, talk and sort things out together.

Narrating everything on the internet

We live in a digital age but this fact does not make it compulsory for you to pet every fight with your partner on social media. One of the worst habits that couples have (especially nowadays) is that they put even a small detail of their fight on the internet or on their social media accounts.

Well, if you want to talk to your friends, family, closed ones and ask some relationship advice then it is OK but making such intimate things like fights public so that everyone gets to know about it is not a good practice. Instead, go give that time to your partner and try to solve things out between each other. Stop talking and learn the art of listening.

Instead, if you want to squabble in the relationship, make it in person. Face to face interactions is way more useful than the online ones. Do it in person. Also, take things lightly. If they are saying something to you do remember that you are no less. Squabbling is healthy when you take it in a healthy manner. Things can be solved out when you talk with a cool mind.

So, occasional squabble is not at all bad for a relationship. If your relationship is also experiencing it once in a while there is nothing to worry about. But if you have made this a routine, it’s high time you pay attention to it.

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