Is It Healthy To Drink Green Tea After A Meal?

Green tea is an ideal drink when it comes to losing weight. It helps you cut those extra pounds from your body. But the question here is, are those health benefits of green tea applicable even when you consume it after having a meal?

health benefits of green tea

The right time of consuming the green tea has always been a debatable topic. Heath advisors often suggest taking them in the morning, before any meal to acquire all the health benefits of green tea. Taking them before a meal will also help you eat less food, but are these enough proofs? Here are few timings you must consider before consuming green tea to make those changes evident.

A Weight Losing Alternative

Among other health benefits of green tea, losing weight is the most popular one. It helps in improving metabolism and helps the mechanism in burning those extra pounds more quickly. Green tea also provides antibacterial benefits eventually eradicating all those noxious substances from our body.

health benefits of green tea

When To Consume It

There is no such designated time period when you should drink green tea. But most importantly avoid consuming it while taking other dairy items. Drinking them after a meal is still beneficial and will provide you with all the benefits of green tea. But consuming the tea before a meal is considered a better idea.

Green tea is full of minerals, vitamins and many other benefits which are good for your health in daily go. Here are the timings you must not consider for drinking green tea.

health benefits of green tea

1. Avoid drinking them sharp in the morning. Because of the elevated amount of catechins present, there is a possibility that your liver can get badly affected. So, prefer consume them between 10 am- 11 am.

2. Drinking green tea between meals surprisingly increases the level of nutrient intake. It is quite good for your health, so if you have missed the morning schedule no worries! Just consume it before lunch. Suppose if you are planning for lunch; consume the tea before 2 hours of the meal.

health benefits of green tea

3. Intake of green tea 2 hours before sleeping is also beneficial. Because of the presence of caffeine, if taken right before bedtime, it can disturb your sleep. So the ideal timing is to drink it a few hours before you go to sleep.

Exercise And Diet Are Equally Important

health benefits of green tea

Along with in take of green tea, you must exercise to see the good results. Combination of both apparently increases the fat loss process. Diet is also an important part to take care. Health benefits of green tea will work perfectly if supported by a good healthy diet. Ignore those high in sugar, fat loaded processed food to see evident results on your body.

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