Important travel tips to keep in mind for a secure journey

Travelling is important and also good for people. These days’ people are looking forward to explore the unknown places of the world. It sounds so good na? Imagine yourself in an island full of picturesque background and very less people are there around you and you are enjoying your alone time or with your loved ones. travel tips are really important to know for women.

If you are a woman then it is important to travel safe whether alone or with someone as you cannot trust anyone these days. I know I might be scaring the shit out of you but trust me your safety is in your hands.

Here are some travel tips that you should keep in mind for a safe journey.

travel tips

Research thoroughly before going to the destination

If you planning to travel or going for a trip the very first thing that you should keep in mind is that you should research about the place whether it is safe going there or not. Read all the scams that have been done in the world.

It is obvious that wherever you go there will be pick pockets and they will try their best to loot you in every possible way but you have to get prepared for it.

travel tips

Register with the embassy

This is a must step as you are going to the new place and by doing this the embassy will provide you extra security in case of an emergency. They will let you know the latest rules and regulations of the location.

It is free for the citizens of the U.S and other foreign countries. The embassy would be aware of your arrival and they can also inform you about the upcoming emergencies.

travel tips

Share your plans and locations to your family

Always remember that where ever you are going just inform someone at home so that they can track you in case needed. Share your general plans for a trip with them so that they will be aware of the fact that you are going to this place and if someone knows anything about the place you are going to visit, they will warn you beforehand.

Tell them about your whole trip and when you are supposed to come home. If going with someone, give their numbers too. In case your phone is not connecting due to some reason they can call on your friend’s phone.

travel tips

Dress like local people

Generally what happens is that women go for shopping before going for a vacay. But you should not do like this if you won’t dress up like local people of the destination. Wearing special places will only attract the thieves and people to loot you.

Go on Google and search about the clothing pattern of the country and then dress according to that. Remember you don’t have to look like a tourist.

travel tips

Splurge on extra safety

It is good to travel in a reasonable way as it is the best way to travel. But always remember that you can spend some extra money on safety. But you should never play with your own safety and security; always try to book tickets of good hotels.

And sometimes book a taxi from a bar to your hotel keeping safety in your mind.  

These were some of the travel tips that you should keep in mind going anywhere around the world and if you are a woman then you have to be very careful about your surroundings and for more travel related updates stay tuned!

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