Important facts about dogs that we bet you didn’t know!

Dogs are one of the most loyal and lovely creature that god has created and they will love you without any condition. Dogs are not only one of the most integral part of our life but also an important creature.

These days all people love dogs as they are so loyal and lovely that people fall for them. There are several categories that you might know but today we are going to tell you about some important facts about dogs that you must know if you have one.

Generally people keep dogs but they don’t know much about them. So, today we are going to tell you some things about the same. So, lets’ unveil some unknown facts about the dogs

unknown facts about the dogs
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Puppy is deaf when born

You must have seen puppies in your life and you must also have loved them a lot but do you know what that they are born deaf and they are also impotent when they are just born. The best part is when they are born their eyelids and ear canals are shut. That usually makes them blind and deaf initially.

They are born like that because they can adapt those things which are important for them to understand when it comes to developing senses according to their environment.

Some animals have long pregnancy peroid and will give birth to filly functional offspring whereas some others give birth to live babies in a short span of time which will be an immature partly formed offspring. This is also one of the unknown facts about the dogs

unknown facts about the dogs
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Chow Chow and Sher Pei

Chow chow and Sher Pei are two dog breeds who have black tongue whereas all others breed have pink one. So, this is strange and one of the big facts about the dogs. In the American Kennel Club (AKC), Chow Chow has secured the 64th position and Sher Pei is on 134th position among popular 155 breeds and varieties recognized by AKC.

However, it is alarming that when a dog suddenly develop a black tongue if it does not have any ever till now and any kind of black spot then probably they can develop melanoma and carcinoma both which is there in their skin.

A darker area under the mouth of a dog indicates that it might have cancer and if you see new black spots started developing in the dog’s mouth it is always better to consult a vet as soon as possible as it might create a lot of problems later on for the dog. This is also an unknown facts about the dogs

unknown facts about the dogs
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Basenji is a barkless dog

If you are fed up with your dog who barks a lot then Basenji would be the safest option for you. They do not bark much and you will also have a dog for that matter.

There is nothing like it does not bark but its voice is quite lower then that of other dogs. This dog is also known for its unique level of intelligence and defense against enemies.

A Basenji can be perfectly trained and he will grasp every single detail and will listen to your command. They are also trained for security purpose all over the world due to this specialization.

So, these are some of the unknown facts about the dogs and we bet that you didn’t know this earlier. Dogs are the most cutest and loveliest creature that god has ever created so if you are a true dog lover then you must know these facts and tell to everyone who loves them. And if we forget anything that you know about them so you can comment in the section below.
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