How To Start The Conversation After Your First Date

You have nailed your first date? Congratulations! Now what next?

The trickiest thing people feel after their first date is what next? The jokes were awesome, you both share a positive vibe and also the date ended on a good note, but how to approach the person again? Well, it’s not rocket science for sure.


Is He/ She The One?

The very first question you need to ask yourself immediately after the first date is – Is he/ she the one you were looking for? If you are not sure about the answer, its fine, take your time and introspect. There is no need to rush out for anything. Sometimes a few seconds are enough to find that bond whereas even after long hours of chatting you still don’t feel any positive vibe from the other person. So, it’s totally your call.


Text Them As You Part Away

If you are clear with your thought and the answer to the above question is a big ‘YES’, then the first thing you should do after you leave the restaurant is to text them. Not that quick though. Don’t make yourself look desperate too. Just leave a message like – ‘reach home safely’ or ‘text me once you reach home’ etc. Don’t take a lot of time also, it may make you look less interested or so. Just balance things up.


Start Recalling Your Date

After you have started a conversation, start recalling things from your date. Maybe compliment them or talk about the best thing you like after meeting them. Also leaving the date on something unclear is a pretty smart move. You get a topic to chat when you are away. So, just don’t break the suspense. Carry on chatting on things which were left unaddressed at the table.


Send Them Gifts

Gifts are a perfect substitute when you run out of words. After you feel you both have a good repo, just send them gifts with some sweet message encoded to convey what you feel about them. You can opt for a bouquet or maybe chocolates, or anything that sort and just customize it the way you want. Surely they’ll love it.


Don’t Rush Up Too Fast With Sex

Until and unless you both were very frank about intimacy in our first date, prefer extending such topic for later occasions. It is better to make each other comfortable first. So, don’t rush up such things. And forbid yourself from sending dick pics!!


Start Planning Your Next Meet up

Don’t take a lot of time in meeting again if you both feel good around each other. Don’t make the relationship boring by just conversing on cell phones but try catching up more often. Call them over your place or try doing something else you both like. Watching a movie or going a disco night can be fun. So, prefer doing something differen from before.

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