How To Reduce Anxiety In 20 Days

Nowadays anxiety is very common among people. Day to day life is so much hectic one is barely able to cope up with things. End number of projects, office work, and continuos ticking clock on their head making their life even more stressful.

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Handling things is not easy. In fact, it is getting tough day by day. For an adult person, managing his/ her life is getting full of anxiety and pressure. So here are some tips that will help you reduce anxiety in 20 days

Pay attention to your anxiety

The very first step is to understand what things and situations are putting you into an anxious situation. Determining what is turning on your anxiety button is very crucial. Start observing yourself and your body. Try to listen to your mind and behavior as what are they telling you while anxiety strikes you.

What is the situation? Where are you? With whom are you standing? What is the environment around you? Understand all these things where you feel anxious. When you keep track of all these things it allows you to understand particular situations which are putting you into this condition.

It is while presenting your work in the office, or while you are talking to clients, or when you are out with your friends. It can be any particular point of time. Just make sure you keep a track of all these periods.

Do not repel to these thoughts

This may seem unreasonable while you are bombarded with anxiety but trust me if you want to reduce anxiety do not repel acknowledging it.
If you are getting these anxious thoughts it is always better to accept it. This way you will get through it once and for all. When you keep denying or skipping these thoughts they’ll surely come down haunting you.

Suppose you are very anxious about your job transfer, so in spite of being in a denial it is always a good idea when you admit these things. Think about the pros and advantages of that place. A New place means new experience and you will get to learn soo many things. Try your best to think positive about the situation even if that seems impossible at that point in time.

When you acknowledge things they are less painful to pass your mind. Don’t let these things hang in your subconscious mind.

Stop being a people pleaser

If you will track your records you will realize that most of the time you had anxiety you were busy doing something. It is usually correlated to some work or project or say requests.

Thus if you want to reduce your anxiety you will have to reduce the work and projects that you hold. Managing your own work is enough but you still end up taking others work because you just cannot say NO. This habit of pleasing other people is ruining your own health. Thus, learn to say no if you want to reduce anxiety from your life. Try to make your life less complicated and difficult for yourself. In order to comfort others, you are sacrificing your own happiness and enjoyment.

This point is specially dedicated to all the women out there who give their best to make their spouse, children, and other people happy but end up sacrificing their own life. You are as important as others are so stop doing it for others and start practicing self-care.

Don’t share everything with people around you

When one feels anxious he/ she wants to share it with someone who can help them with it. Give them piece of advice and all. But one of the major mistakes that people make here is over sharing of their information.

When you share something with other people about your anxiety they surely would want to help you. In order to do that they will try to give you empathy and will give you support. But sometimes over support from people can also be one of the reasons you are getting anxiety issues. Others around you will never stop talking about it thus making you aware about your anxiety issues everytime.

There is no harm in sharing your issues with others but when and what to share and with whom is one of the major decisions you must make if you want to reduce anxiety from your life.

Do not overthink

Anxiety also strikes when you stop living in the moment and think about the past or your future. The only way here to reduce anxiety is to live the moment. enjoy what you are doing without thinking of your future and past matters.

What others will think, my friends will judge me all these things will end up making anxious and stress about each and everything you do. So enjoy the time with zero regrets.

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