How To Plan A Budget Friendly Destination Wedding

Are you planning to have a dreamlike destination wedding but your budget is pushing you back?

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Exchanging vows at the sunset, on a beach which is miles away from your house maybe sound amusing to you. Most of the people now days plan to have a destination wedding where they can capture one of the most special moments of their life in a gorgeously attractive background.
But the issues with these plans are – Budget.
These terms, ‘destination wedding’ and ‘budget’ might not go that well together.

The venue is a very crucial part of a wedding but that does not mean it has to cost you your whole wedding budget. So here are some tips which you help you plan a budget-friendly destination wedding.

What is your budget?

First and foremost thing you need to do while finalizing the budget is to determine “What Is Your Budget”?
How much are you willing to spend on this wedding voluntarily. Understanding the budget is very crucial this way you know where you have to step back. It also saves you from overspending.
So sit down with a paper and a pen and jot down how much is the budget. Also, make sure to allocate each section of the wedding an expected amount which you are planning to spend on it. This number will help you know where to draw the line. Food, venue, decoration, plan ahead for all of these and stay strict with it.
Here is a list of things where you can save your money at a wedding.

Keep your guest list small

Just remember one thing, higher the guest list more it is going to tamper your budget. So, if you are planning a budget-friendly destination wedding keep your guest list small.
Though this can be a problem, whom to call and whom to leave because you don’t want to hurt anyone but this decision is quite crucial. Couples should take responsibility for it.
Sit together and decide, call your family, friends all those people who are really happy for you. SO, instead of being a people pleaser and trying to make everyone happy just focus on people who you want to see on your wedding day. Also, invite those people who are sure and committed to being there.

Choose Your Venue

Now the next thing you need to decide is Where?
While planning a destination you must keep other things in mind. First of all, is the timing. When are you planning your wedding can actually affect your budget a lot. Every year these popular places spike their charges. Same happens at times of peak season.
so if you are looking for saving your pocket, book the venue in advance. Say one or two. This way you will get the place at the current rate.
Also, avoid doing it in peak season. You will get much cheaper accommodation when the demand is less.
Weather can also cause you great discomfort and can be a pain in the arse. So explore the site or your wedding before you book it and make sure there is no unusual condition at that time.

A large home instead of separate hotel rooms

Another place where you can save money while planning a budget-friendly destination wedding is by switching the separate hotel rooms for each guest with a big vacation home.
Accommodation is a volatile place thus you can save some bucks while planning one. You can just book a big whole house for your guests and not motel rooms at your wedding. Suppose a big house which is close to your wedding destination. This way all your guests will be residing with you.
Sometimes there is a possibility that some guests cancel their presence last minute. In such a case, your hotel room booking money is likely to go into the trash. But with a big vacation house, you no longer have to feel bad about it as the fees will remain the same with 1 guest or 100.

P.S. make sure to check the maximum guest allowed in the house. Some owners do have a policy related to this.

Cashback Offers

We live in a digital age and it comes with end number of benefits. So instead of using the old school paying method of cash, go digital. How you pay for things is very underestimated yet a crucial part of saving. This way you will earn a few bucks while spending others.
Whether it is about hotel bills or flight tickets, search for places where you can get assured discount or cash back. This will help you in a making yours a more budget-friendly destination wedding.
Choose wisely which is better, credit or debit card. Also, pay in advance in order to avoid last minute hassles.

Though saving is necessary on a wedding but there are few things where you shouldn’t compromise. Here is a list of few things which are worth spending money on your wedding.

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