How To Mend A Broken Relationship

A relationship always comes with a ‘handle with care’ sign. They are so delicate that even a small mistake can rip everything apart. Either you manage them or see it breaking down, there is no midway. While there can be many reasons that can lead a healthy relationship towards breakup/divorce, lack of communication, prioritizing gadgets over your partner or even things like not respecting their opinion or choices. All these can add up and lead to the breakup.

Though it is not easy to mend a broken relationship and get back to the position it was before but one can always try to do their best.

Analyse The Reason Behind Your Breakup

In order to find the solution to any problem, the very first in amending a broken relationship will be to understand the reason behind it. So is the situation here. If you don’t understand the problem how will you end up creating the solution?

So look into the history of the problem and analyze where did the things go wrong. Couples don’t introspect their actions and that what leads them to bigger fights.

Once you have found the key reason for your broken relationship try to change that habit. Make your partner realize that you are sorry for your actions and will never repeat what happened. Also remember, actions work better than words.

broken relationship
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Forgiveness Makes You Stronger

Now that you are well aware of the reason behind your broken relationship, the next is to forgive. If the other partner is faulty in this situation you must try to forget and forgive. It makes you stronger. Holding onto things will not help anyone.

Also, try to understand the reason behind your partner committing that mistake. Talk to them, understand their situation. You become a bigger person when to let go of things. Anyway, a relationship is way more important than holding onto grudges. And you never know, maybe this mistake can bring a huge difference in your mended relationship.

Make New Promises And Stick By Them

Now that you both are back together, its time to make new commitments and promises. Make more improvised and better promises and sure to follow them in any case. Your actions will speak louder. Never ever repeat the same mistake in the future, else the relationship will deteriorate to a new level and regaining the trust will not be this easy. Always abide by these things.


Now that couples are so busy in their own separate workspace life, they have almost neglected to talk to each other.

Couples are nowadays so busy with gadgets and social media sites they barely can take out time for each other. They totally underestimate the communication factor. A broken relationship demands to clear out many misunderstandings. This will only happen when you will dig the emotions of you your partner. So consider communicating a very major part to mend things.

Even when you get into arguments while talking, keep up with your calm. Try to solve things in a more decent manner. Listen to others don’t just keep on chattering.

Take Criticism In A Healthy Way

Never ever get boiled up when someone brings out the mistake in you. Take criticism in a positive manner. If your partner is saying something, consider it instead of proving out your point. They are saying it for your own good.

Don’t Resist Any Argument

If you had the habit to resit arguments just to keep things calm, this time you better change the habit. Defending or resisting any fight will not do any good to your relationship. This way emotions will get bottled up and will depression and anxiety issues. Instead talk, let things come out from both of you. FIghting may be the first reaction but eventually, you both will understand the problem and will be able to handle it maturely.

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Try Counselling

In the end, if none of this is happening, there is no need to give up. Consider counseling as a good option to mend your broken relationship. The time has gone when the end number of stigmas were attached to visiting a counselor. Many people opt to visit one for there problems and you should also consider doing it. Sometimes it good to take help or opinion from the third party to solve inner disputes. They can give you ideas one can’t even imagine doing. Don’t listen to myths just try to work on your relationship.

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