How To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer Season

Summer season is almost and with this time of the year comes warm weather, school vacations, long trips and what not. Well, along with so many advantages there are few concerns which you should take care of in order to protect your loves ones.

keep your dog cool
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One of the major problems that you will have to tackle in the summer season is how to keep your dog cool. Because there is sharp heat and being a parent you are responsible to keep your pet in a safe and sound situation. Of course, you can not control the temperature or heat. Instead, you can follow some measures to make sure to keep your dog cool.

Dogs don’t know what is good and bad for them so it is kind of your duty to protect them. They will try their best to stay outside the house, jumping on those hot paths but it is your job to make them stay in the limit. SO here are some way in which you can make sure to keep your dog cool this whole summer season.

Less exertion

The very first thing you should keep in limit is their physical exercise, especially during peak hours of the day. Make sure they don’t spend much time in the park outside. Direct heat from the sun and the rising temperature is not good for their health.
If your dog is very playful in nature and can not stand spending the whole day at the house, change their playing or walking time to morning or late evening. These hours of the day are not that hot. Else make them play in the house with cool room temperature.


Shaving is not considered right or safe for dogs but during the summer season, you can trim or cut short the hair to keep your dog cool. Take them to your known groomer and let them do their job.
The hair shouldn’t be too short to leave any sunburns on your pet’s body. Let them keep some hair. If you are unsure about the amount of hair to be cut just consult your vet and be double sure about it. They will aid you in this situation. Make sure to follow their instructions.

Check the shady areas before coming out

Staying inside the house with a cool room temperature can be a good idea to spend these hot days but of course, you cannot stay like that for the complete season. So, if you are planning to go out with your dog, suppose to the beach, make sure you are equipped with things that will provide shade and keep your dog cool.
Even while spending time in the park double check if there are shady locations for your dog to lay down or sit there. Dog gets overheated very easily which makes the chances of heatstroke very prominent in them. Thus if you do not take proper care and keep your dog cool, it can affect adversely to their health.

Keep checking their water bowl

One of the most important parts of summer is water. So if you want to keep your dog cool you must take care of their water consumption. If you are going for work make sure the water bowl of your doggo has enough water to last the whole day. Dogs need to drink more than humans because they get dehydrated very quickly. Carry a separate cold water bottle along with you while going on a walk or playing outside with your dog. They will be needing it quite often. And sharing together will leave both of your thirsty.

Stay prepared for any situation in advance

Even after all these tips there still there is a small possibility for your dog to acquire heatstroke. So it is always better to stay prepared in advance for such situations. If you see your pet having difficulty in breathing or a high heart rate or he is about to faint it is high time to unlock your “protection mode”. First of all, bring them to a cool place and call the vet. If you are outside somewhere make him lay in a shady place and cool that area down with cold water then straight away take him to the hospital, don’t wait for anything else.
Other serious symptoms of heatstroke can be diarrhea, high fever, vomiting, etc. Don’t overcome these symptoms. If you feel your dog may have any of these just take them to the vet.

Lastly, some small pointers to keep in mind which are very crucial. NEVER EVER leave your dog in the parking lot, inside the car. No matter how shadowy that place is you should always take them along with you wherever you go. If you are leaving them in the car you are just risking their life.

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