How To Handle Conflict With Anyone (Instead Of Saying “I’m Sorry”)

Apology plays a very important role in making and breaking a relationship. It is non-negotiable. You all have been taught since childhood that for every mistake, saying sorry is the solution. But as you grow up, you realize that it is just a word and most people saying this actually don’t mean it. Similarly, in a relationship, you face an end number of conflicts and situations where apologizing is the only option. And Sorry doesn’t always help. So here are few tips to handle conflict with anyone, instead of saying Sorry

handle conflict

Introspect The Situation                                                      

Instead of saying sorry for each and everything that is unfavourable at times, you need to just calm down yourself and introspect. Maturity is very necessary in order to handle any conflict. So, firstly just examine the situation. See if it was really your mistake or not? Sometimes people just say sorry in order to hush up the situation. But such actions from your side will only lower down the importance of your Sorry. Also, the people will take your advantage. So just examine who is the culprit in the situation. And later if you feel you are the one responsible, make sure to take full responsibility for it. Be honest and fair with everyone. People really appreciate those who stand firm and take full responsibility for their mistake. So just handle conflict in a relationship like this.

handle conflict

Stop Being Over Apologetic

There are end numbers of people who are a bit over apologetic with every situation. They’ll be like – I’m sorry that the weather is not favourable or I’m sorry that the breakfast is late or I’m sorry the house is a mess! Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! And they’ll just keep on going with the apologizing process.
If you are among them, you need to realize that for every small thing if you will keep on using this word, you will end up losing its meaning in the eyes of other people. It also makes you look like a people pleaser. So, act genuine. And if you feel like you have seriously done something wrong, instead of saying ‘I am Sorry’, try to fix things up. Talk to them and try to handle the conflict by understanding their situation. Helping people with something they need is way better than actually apologizing verbally.

handle conflict

Give People Some Space

There are many instances when you end up hurting the other person to their core.  Such situations strictly need to be handles with immense care and patience. You cannot just get on their head reciting the sorry word. This is just not gonna help. Instead, tell them what you are apologizing for. And that, that you have realized your mistake. Try and talk to them and discuss things. Such delicate situations often demand some space and you should be prepared for it. Don’t stretch the matter. Let them have their own time and space to recover from the incident. This way you will end up showing more apologetic behaviour. Also, handle conflict and sure to never repeat it in future.

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