How To Differentiate If Someone Is Flirting Or Just Being Nice With You

Determining when someone is being nice to you to something else is quite easy and vice versa. If you like the other person, their help may seem you as if they are interest in you or flirting. There is a very thin line between both of these things. Finding out who is doing what is a very challenging task to perform until you are a mind reader. Still, for those who are not, this task is not impossible either. So here are some tips to help you in looking out for the signs whether someone is flirting with you or just being nice.

They Keep Reminding You They’re Single

The very first sign to notice if someone is flirting with you or just being nice is to understand how often they acclaim they singlehood in front of you. While some are subtle and normal with the statement and make fun of themselves while talking about it, others emphasize such statements.
While the one who is being nice to you will be smooth with this declaration whereas the one who is trying to flirt will keep on repeating it to make sure you know they are with an available tag. Just try to sense this habit in the people.
Also, someone who is interested in you will find every possible to ping you for every big or small cause, sometimes even without a reason. While others who are nice to you will remember their limits are so will their messages.

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They Will Act Differently When You Are Around

Understanding the difference between how a person interacts with others in your absence and presence is a very crucial sign to determine if someone is flirting with you or just being nice. Someone who likes you will definitely try to act a more like a gentleman kind of a person no matter how dame they are in real life, with others.
Also, if someone likes you they will often compliment you on several things but not others. They will laugh more around you. And will also try to give you all sorts of special treatment.
Everyone has their own style of flirting. Cracking the level of flirt a person is quite difficult. While some can ‘polite flirts’ others are very much stubborn with their habits and subdued.

They Need your Help Every time

When someone is trying to flirt with you they will make often try to involve you in their lives. Especially giving you the role of a “saver”. They will come to you for every small thing and ask for your help with it. Suppose to suggest them a good restaurant or bar or which shopping market they should go to. And if they follow up their question by saying that you two should sometime go there, he/she is surely trying to flirt.
In order to understand if the person flirting with you or just being nice, you must pay attention to what they are saying afterward. You’ll often feel pressurized from their side for several things.

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They Are Available With All Their Senses While Chatting With You

The next sign in declaring if someone is flirting with you or just being nice is to see their involvement while you both are having a conversation. Someone who is interested in you will be available with all his/her senses. They will pay attention to each and every detail of what you are saying. He/she will be more attentive and engaging the conversation, even more than you are. They will ask you questions and will try their best to keep that conversation working.
They’ll ask you about every possible thing and may also laugh at your poor jokes in order to flatter you.

They Will Show “Out Of The” Way Gestures

Someone who is flirting with you will try to do all those extra big ‘gestures’ in order to amuse you. Picking you up from work or surprising you at your house window, all these actions surely suggest that they are totally into you.
They will try to flatter you by giving regular gifts, big bouquets and usually bumping into you accidentally (which is often prepared and not an ‘accident’).
When someone is being nice to you, they will simply say hello or “hi” when they meet you whereas a flirt will always try to keep the conversation going and will find ways to meet you always. They will put efforts in order to get your attention.

Most of the people are not that clever to catch all of these signs or intentions that other people hold. Let’s admit it, it’s not that easy. People have mastered subtle flirting, thus making it difficult to detect the difference between being nice and flirt. But these above signs will surely help you in some way to understand the motive of a person towards you.

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