How To Become An Emotionally Available Partner

Undivided attention is something which is ‘must’ in a relationship. When one of the partners is emotionally absent, that person often led his/her relationship into a vague setting. Especially there are some moments when one of the partners is going through a bad phase and the spouse doesn’t know what to do about it. Instead of making them comfortable, they usually end up ruining the moment and ultimately their relationship.

So, here are some tips you should follow in order to become an emotionally available partner.

emotionally available partner
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What Is Stopping You

Introspect yourself. Explore what is stopping you from getting so close in your relationship. Why are you so emotionally unavailable? What is stopping you from giving all of yourself into the relationship?
Many individuals often take a step back and prefer to hide their real self or the vulnerable side in a relationship. Reasons are many, for some, it can be their past experiences which is stopping them whereas for others it’s the fear of getting rejected after they’ll show their inner self.

Pay Equal Attention To Your Partner’s Feeling

The most important thing the couples need to understand in order to have a successful and healthy relationship is to pay an equal amount of empathy and compassion for each other’s feeling as they have for themselves. When you pay equal attention to them the amount of love and feelings will increase automatically.

emotionally available partner
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Stop Having A Secret Life

When one of the partners is emotionally absent, he / she usually have a secret life. They always keep a backup plan for times when their relationship fails or they don’t feel that happy with their spouse. But what they don’t understand is having two lives divides their attention and they end up running both sides.
A healthy relationship just cannot afford any such type of a secret life rather full clarity. You need to be like glass, fully transparent in front of your partner else you’ll end up ruining your relationship by turning it into a toxic one. Take all your time and invest in your relationship. This way you’ll always be an emotionally available partner and will able to understand each other even better.

Take Out Time For Your Partner

After the couples have seen few years together they often make a mistake of making things obvious in the relationship. They don’t go out, talk with each other, and make dinner, plan surprises, just nothing. These things are actually very important in a relationship. They never let the spark and love fade away. Also, when to show some extra efforts, your partner will also feel loveable and complete with you.
They’ll always feel that you have their back no matter what the situation is.
Always take out time and talk to your partner. Ask them about their day, how things are going and this way they will realize that you are an emotionally available partner.

emotionally available partner
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Control Your Temper

One of the major reasons why you are always emotionally absent is maybe because you have a short temper and you end up ruining this rather than making them better.
In order to become an emotionally available partner, you must control your anger and learn to listen. Don’t find their weakness and exploit them, rather support even their insecurities and faults. Criticizing someone is very easy but acting as support is the hard part. So, control your emotions and never ever get personal on comments. Even if you feel like saying something bad, ask yourself just one question, “Is it really worth it?” and you’ll get your answer.

Open Up A Bit

When you are in a relationship it demands everything from you, even your darkest deepest secrets. When you have such conversations with your partner where you open up about your fears, insecurities, dreams, disappointments etc, you will not just make yourself comfortable but also make them feel relatable.
Of course, it is not an easy task. Opening up in front of someone, showing them your vulnerable side is not simple but is necessary. Take your time and when you are ready just say it.
Don’t worry they’ll fill all your empty corners of the heart. Because it’s not just them but you also sometimes need an emotionally available partner.

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