Here’s What to Eat to Get Rid of Hangover

Everybody likes to get drunk and do what we all used to do in colleges and to reach out for that slice of pizza or drink as a typical hair of the dog cure.
But you have to understand that now as you grow up there are a lot of things in the body that changes as you tend to grow up and you kind of lose that tendency to drink more as your body becomes slightly delicate than what it used to be earlier.

So, if you drink more and push your limit then you are going towards health issues especially if you do it one time too often. So, lets’ begin with the foods to get rid of hangover


Nuts are one of the healthiest foods to get rid of hangover and if you want to go somewhere right after the party then there are two options with you and one is either you don’t drink or else you have you eat nuts later on to get over with the hangover.

Nuts have fats and that absorbs and prevents you from having hangover and keeps you that much protected from the effects of over-imbibing. So, all kind of nuts would be perfect to get rid of hangover and if not this then you can have avocados. They are also healthy to eat and to get rid of nuts.


Salad is used not in getting rid of weight loss and in other things also. Salad is also healthy for our body and it has important nutrients and carbohydrates also that our body requires so having salad and green vegetables is one of the best part to keep us fir and healthy.

The fats present in the salad will also line your stomach and prevent alcohol absorption and you will not feel that high after eating this. Green vegetables will not let form the form hangover at all.

foods to get rid of hangover

Citrus fruits

It is one of the most common measures to get rid of the hangover and it works as anti-oxidants if you have it while you are high. They are powerful and it stimulates liver enzymes and flushes the bad bacteria from the body.
Citrus and alcohol works as opposition and the citrus fruits will not let you feel that you are high. All you need to do is either have lemonade or fruit and rest for some time and you will be alright the moment you will wake up.

Citrus fruits will soothe you aches be it in head or in any part of the body and you will be alright with your hangover. If you have some heart disease or any kind of disease so it is requested not to consume alcohol as it can harm your body and might increase the problem in your body.

And if you drink too much then lemonade is the only option for you as you will not be able to go and eat anything as you will not be sober. It is one of the foods to get rid of hangover


Yes, they are also one of the options to get rid of your hangover. I know this might sounds crazy but banana can also help in getting away with hangover as it has an electrolyte imbalance and they are full of potassium as well as Sodium.

These all helps in keep calming your stomach down that causes bloating and stomach ache. If you aren’t the fan of bananas then you can eat them with something unique also by making the other favorable dish that includes banana so that you will be able to get away with hangover.

foods to get rid of hangover


Yogurt is also one of the common methods that will prevent you from headaches and body aches that usually happen at the time of when you are drunk. Yogurt has a great amount of pro-biotic properties that also helps indigestion.

It also balances the Ph level of your body and lowers the risk of bloating and other tummy issues that happens after hangover.

So, these are some of the foods to get rid of hangover and if you ever try any of these methods then do let us share your experience in the comment’s section below and for more food related updates stay tuned!

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