Here’s how You Can See the Beautiful Views from Different Cruise

People travel to a lot of expensive places just to see the deadly views from their naked eyes but what if I tell you that you can see some enchanting views from these cruises? Yes, you heard that right. River cruises holidays are one of the most perfect one for the views.
The sightseeing from the cruise is something you can never see from the land. There are a lot of cruises that you can opt for according to your budget but the best ones we will tell you where you can find the world’s most beautiful views. So, lets’ get started with the beautiful cruise views

beautiful cruise views
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The Three Gorges

China is one of the beautiful countries you can ever be but if you don’t like the authentic dishes then you might have to suffer from a lot of trouble as there people prefer the authentic cuisines only and most of the cafes and restaurants offer that only.

If you ever book a cruise in China do visit the middle section of the Yangtze river and from there you will be able to see the heaven – The three gorges – The Qutang, The Wu and The Xiling and these are one of the main reasons why people take this route for the cruise just to see this mesmerizing view from the cruise.

Towering cliffs rise on both sides of the river, while the hydroelectric dam that fuels the world’s largest power station only emphasizes the scale of the scenery. The view is one of the amazing one and people come to see these from different parts of the world and capture it for the rest of their lives. The river also looks so amazing and the whole scenery looks surreal.

beautiful cruise views
Picture credit – Lake Geneva Cruise line

The Lorelei

Germany is also one of the beautiful places you can be and the Lorelei is giant with its height of around 433ft and the tower is situated above the Rhine at the side of town Sankt. The cruise that passes by from there sees the lovely scene.

The Lorelei needs no assistance to charm visitors and they also have one more place Makrsburg Castle that is also one of the beautiful places in Germany and the best part is that it is very nearby to Lorelei so the people going to either side of the place can visit both.

The Marksburg Castle is also one of the most sites that come under the UNESCO World Heritage status. The people especially take this cruise just to see all these amazing views of these places and they don’t stop taking pictures of the same. This is one of the beautiful cruise views

beautiful cruise views
Picture credit – The Mirror

Amazon Jungle

The cruise will let you see the dense jungle of Amazon and there will be greenery all over the place as it is forested area. The river that is 6,400 kilometer long in its length and the best part is that the river itself acts like a natural motorway making its more accessible than you can ever imagine.
You will see a lot of monkeys and other animals in the jungle but they will never harm you for that matter. In the nearby you will also explore some natural attractions like flowing of water and birds chirping.

Amazon Theatre is one of the world’s best opera houses in the world and it is one of the largest also. When you will be on the cruise and you will see the beauty which you cannot see by air or if you go by your own. The cruise will know all the places and routes that some other person in the local would never get to know as it’s their daily job.

beautiful cruise views


Bagan is yet another beautiful place to visit on the cruise. Bagan is situated in Myanmar and if you are religious and spiritual then you might board this cruise as there are around 10,000 Buddhist temples that are built in the ancient city.

The temples were built in between 11th and 13th centuries and more than 2,000 of them can still be seen today. Isn’t amazing? They are beautiful and tell the story of the time when they were being built. You would get to know all the information about the earlier time from these temples only.

The best thing about this place is that the beauty is underscored by their picturesque position on the edge of the Irrawaddy. It is the name of the river that dissects the country and joins the Andaman Sea later on. This is one of the beautiful cruise views

So, these are some of the beautiful cruise views and if you ever visit any of these cruises then do let us know your experience in the comment’s section below and you will not regret your decision of doing vacation on cruise as it is important to do this type of holidays also and for more travel related updates stay tuned!

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