Here What You Should Eat When Sick

Usually people get sick due to change in weather and due to your bad, unhealthy lifestyle. Does your tummy refuse to take an anything?

Do you feel weak and lethargic and feel like doing anything? So you have to improve your appetite to stay healthy.  

improve your appetite
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Coconut Water

When you feel lazy and unwell try to have coconut water as much as you can to stay hydrated instead of water. If you feel like vomiting, fever, diarrhea and headache so always have coconut water.

This water has potassium and glucose rather than other oral rehydration fluids. It also consists of magnesium, manganese, Vitamin C and dietary fiber.

You can also add one pinch of salt in the water to balance out the bicarbonate, chloride and sodium deficiency from the body.

improve your appetite
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Herbal Tea

Tea is really important for people to have it. Their bodies don’t work without tea. It is one of the ways to improve your appetite and you don’t have to stay away from sipping the tea.

You need to have herbal tea if you are feeling sick or having viral or infection as herbal tea has a lot of medicinal herbs that will cure the disease quite well. This tea can slow down the infection or anything you are suffering from.

 It also boosts up your immune system and you will not fall sick very often if you keep talking herbal tea and your immune will work well.

improve your appetite
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Chicken soup

Chicken Soup is one of the ways to improve your appetite if your nose is blocked and don’t feel like having anything then you can have chicken soup. The hot soup will make your throat and nose moist and let you breathe clearly.

When you make the soup an amino acid, cysteine, gets released from the chicken. The acid is mucus in the lungs and accelerates the healing process. This also happens because the soup might have anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting effects.

Chicken also has the proteins in it and you will have much more strength to your body when you aren’t feeling well. Adding a lot of green and other vegetables will make your soup 100 times stronger and full of nutrients. The warm soup does not only give these to your body but also make you feel fresh.

improve your appetite
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Bone Broth

Bone Broth is really important and essential food that new should have and it is coming from the time of Paleolithic. At that time, the man used to eat meat, fish, fruits and veggies that used to keep them alive but gradually they understood that it is also important to have grains, legumes and coffee at the same time.

Old age bone broth was consisted of beef or chicken while new age bone broth has carrots, onions, leeks, cabbage, kale and a mixture of herbs to enhance its flavor.

This broth is concoction of anti-inflammatory, digestive, decongestant and other important ingredients. This soup is much lighter than what you can have and makes your tummy feel good

improve your appetite
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Oats is one of the best ways to improve your appetite as it has carbs and carbohydrates are also very important for our body. It’s not like they always make you fat but it also gives you strength and good immunity system.

Oats are very easy to digest as they are light and it is one of the best sources to obtain carbhohydrate. Oats are whole grains that contain good sugars and fibers like beta-glucans. These polysaccharides make your immunity system strong by activating the immune cells.

And by this your red blood cells also works faster if you eat oats on a regular basis and it will not even hurt your tummy.

improve your appetite
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Yoghurt is cool in nature and consists of proteins, vitamins A and B, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, saturated fats, and a ton of probiotics.

This is why you have to eat yogurt when you are sick or not welling as it cools down your body if you are suffering from flu, fever, food poisoning or bloated tummy. It calms down your inflamed gut and respiratory tract with all the micro and macro nutrients.

The probiotic bacteria in yogurt cab help you in restoring the damaged intestinal microflora due to the medicines. This way, you can have little amount of food and it digests easily and you won’t feel worse.

improve your appetite
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Ginger is one of the important ingredients in the food and a best remedy when you are having cold and prevents from vomiting in pregnant women. It is the best herb

The roots of the ginger contain essential oils that give it smell and flavor. Ginger is also used in antiseptic also like when you are feeling gastric or vomiting and nausea.

So, these are some of the best ways to improve your appetite and for more lifestyle related updates stay tuned!

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