Here are the problems you will face dating an insecure man

Being in a relationship and in love is one of the best feelings ever in this whole world. Loving someone is easy but actually to fulfill all the promises that you made when you came into a relationship is not at all easy.

Relationships are great but it is complicated too. There will be a time when the partners disagree with each other and they will end up having a heated argument.

And if your guy is insecure for any reasons, do not date such a guy who is not happy to have you in his life and rather he is thinking all negative things which will ultimately make you think about your individuality also. Today, I am going to reasons for not dating an insecure man

dating an insecure man


An insecure man will never let you go out with friends and will never let you work in an office or roam around with your office mates. He will always feel insecure about the fact that he might lose you or you might cheat on him.

He will never keep you grounded and gradually his low esteem will becomes yours too. Love for all these kinds of people is just a representation from them.

dating an insecure man


Being in love with such a guy can make you feel weak and it can be very difficult for you to deal with their mood swings as your mood will depend on theirs.

If they are happy you will be happy. If they are sad you will also be sad. Normally, couples make up to the fights and try to make the mood better but in this case it can get even worse! 

dating an insecure man

They are jealous

Insecure man can never see you with anyone else not even with your girlfriend’s. If they see you laughing and enjoying with other man, they will always think that something is wrong no matter how good friends you are. 

This is the reason not to date such a guy who will say anything in front of everyone to you so avoid dating an insecure man

dating an insecure man

They are impractical

They think that you are answerable to every question for them and they expect a lot from their loved ones as their life revolves around you.

And if you fail to meet that expectation level they tend to cut off from you or they can do anything to harm you. Their insane behavior is just not possible to take. 

dating an insecure man

They are vulnerable

If you are dating such a guy I am sure you could relate this vulnerable type very much. Yes, they are vulnerable in extreme cases and it is very difficult to calm them down.

Once they started suspecting on you, you would not be able to calm them down or explain anything to them.

So, these were some of the types while dating an insecure man. For more relationship related content stay tuned! 

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