Heart Attack Signs A Woman Should Never Ignore

Being a woman is not easy. One has to work at home, the office and then those endless ticking deadlines, it’s just soo impossible to handle everything.
With so much to do in such less amount of time, women are often seen cutting down the food, sleep and self-care time which directly affects their body.

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Heart attacks are quite scary to think about. But what is scarier is not being aware of their signs and symptoms. Most of the women population don’t pay much attention to their health and related issues. Whether we talk about our mothers, sisters and even wives, they are just so busy managing stuff they no longer care about themselves.

But understanding the signs and symptoms of a heart attack are very crucial for a person. These hints can make the individual be more prepared before an actual attack, thus they are potentially lifesaving. So here are some early heart attack signs that a woman should never ignore.

Shortness Of Breath

An unusual sign such as shortness of breath should never be ignored at any cost. Especially if someone of a younger age woman is having this health condition. They can be more observant with their health as they exercise or are on the move al the time. So, any difference in their body, which is not normal should be evaluated quickly.
Having constant back pressure is also not a good sign for a woman’s health. If you feel somewhat similar or extreme back pressure while working, it a red flag for you.


One of the early sings includes overexertion right after doing some physical work or bodily use. This can include running or bicycle riding or even climbing the stairs.
If you also feel this unwanted strain and often feel yourself with “I can not do it anymore” feeling after doing merely some physical tasks, it is surely a red flag for you.
Chances of having a heart attack is a bit high to a woman who feels a physical limitation from her body.
Though this exertion may not seem that different than the normal ones which usually occur due to a lot of pressure and work, one must consult a doctor and discuss it with them if they are feeling something unusual with their body and it’s capacity limits.

Upper Body Discomfort But Not Pain

Most people think that it is just the heart which feels the pain by the attack. But that is just a misconception.
One usually goes through some immense level of discomfort in the body but not something which can be called pain. It is kind of a pressure which is causing discomfort in the body.
Areas which gets affected are usually lower jaw, upper arms, shoulder, neck and left side of the chest. Mostly above the waist areas of the body feel an immense level of pressure and discomfort.

Low energy Or Continuous Weakness Feeling

Feeling of weakness and low energy in the body are one of the most common and underestimated symptoms of a heart attack. Women usually ignore them by believing they are caused by doing all the work.
But even if you are getting a proper diet and giving your body enough rest, including 8 hours of sleep still you feel weakness or low energy, it is a red flag then.
Usually when you follow everything with a loophole, including diet and rest your body feel more energized and ready to strengthened and not exhausted.
This can be an early symptom for you.

Flu-Like Symptoms

Most of the people misunderstand the heart attack symptoms as something more generalized disease, especially flu.
A woman will very regularly feel cold, nausea, belching, heartburn, etc. Also, continuous sweat without doing much work.
Though you will feel the same just as you do in the Flu, coupled with other symptoms. So, don’t take any risk and make sure to consult the doctor in such a situation.

Emotional And Mental Meltdown

not just physical, an attack also gives you end number of emotional and mental troubles.
Anxiousness, anxiety, discomfort, feeling sad, all these things are an early sign of an attack but they are hard to determine.
Nowadays everyone is so busy and stressed out with their work, these symptoms may seem common in day to day life. Thus most women don’t pay too much attention towards it.

While there are some other signs and early symptoms of a heart attack, it is always the best decision to go visit a doctor and let them know what all you are feeling. Some awareness is going to help you a lot in the future.

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