Haunted places around the world that you must visit once

There are a lot of spooky place around the globe that you must visit once in your lifetime if you think that you are daring enough to roam around the place quite easily.

Every single place has its own story so let’s get started with the haunted places around the world

haunted places around the world
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Bhangarh Fort, India

This fort is one of the haunted places around the world and is in Rajasthan, India and it is one of the haunted places around the globe. The story behind this when a tantrik wanted to marry the Princess Ratnavati and when she came across his evil plans she immediately gave orders to kill him.

Before dying, he cursed the whole village and said that everyone must die and he also told houses to remain roofless and even today, if someone tries to make roof, it collapses.

Smallest Islands with less population around the world There are some beautiful Islands and as well as the smallest Islands also in the world. So, today we are going to talk about some of the smallest Islands with less population around the world that people live on.   Toshima The island is situated in Japan and it is one of the smallest islands with population of around 330 people. Yes, you heard that right there are only few people living here. With such a less population, it is a perfect escape for all the people.  The best time to visit her in between March to November and the red camellia flowers also come into full bloom at this point of time.    Tristan da Cunha It is located in South Atlantic Ocean and considered as one of the most remote island in the world. The total population here is 242 people and they have only 7 surnames.  The people here are very loving and if you ever visit here do stay with the local people. They are simply amazing.  Isola Tiberina This Island is situated in the River Tiber, Rome. The houses are mainly an ancient temples and it island too was a holding place for criminals. The total number of people living here is 500 and they have their own culture. This Island is symbolic of health and healing. This is linked with two bridges and at today’s date it hosts a film festival that offers an opportunity to explore Rome in a true sense.  The Kerguelen Islands The Island lies in Indian Ocean and is 2,050 miles away from the coast of Madagascar. It is also known as Desolation Islands which is owned by France. The total population here is approximately in between 45 to 110 people. This island is very small   The Keeling Islands This Island is also called the Cocos and is mainly owned by Australians. The Island is bit near to Indonesia The total population here is less than 600 people.  The best time to visit this Island in April and November. Most of the people on the Islands have moved to Australia because it was becoming crowded. So, mostly people migrated to Western Australia.  White Head Island The total population in this Island is about 100 and a free ferry runs whole day for people to commute on a daily basis from one place to another. If you go here there are no pubs and no restaurants to eat fancy or stylish food but you will get a lot of peace and cleanliness which generally we don’t find it in big countries.  The source of income comes through acquaculture and fishing and it is their occupation. There is a store at the dock where the ferry arrives. In that store, they get everything they need from that store.  Easter Island The Island lies in the Southeastern part of Pacific Ocean and is 2,000 miles away from Chile. UNESCO included this Island in World Heritage Sites. It has a total population of 240 people and is considered as one of the smallest Island in the world.  Bishop Rock The Bishop Rock is a very small Island and lies in the Atlantic Ocean. The Island is also famous for its lighthouse. The Guinnes Book of world record has listed this Island as the smallest one around the globe. It is said that in 13th Century, the prisoners and the criminals were living there only with bread and water.  Earlier, the main building of lighthouse which had to build in 1847 was washed away and the present lighthouse was built in 1858. The visitors come here to see the famous lighthouse and also do boating around the lighthouse but since there are very less people living here you will not find many people visiting here.   Dunbar Rock Dunbar Rock is one of the Bay Islands of Honduras and is situated in the Caribbean.  Here a total number of people are 10,000 and are really helpful to each other.   The main source of income of the people comes from fishing as that is their main occupation and the tourists those visit there caters the other requirements of the local people. They have enormous adventure activities like snorkelers and other exciting sightseeing.  Their main means of transportation is boat and they usually travel by boat as it is all sea around the Island.  Foula It is one of the United Kingdom’s most remote areas where they have a population of 38 people and it is considered one of the smallest Islands around the globe.  Their main source of income also comes from fishing and till date the people are earning from sheep farming and bird watching tourism. So, these are some of the smallest Islands that I bet you didn’t know about and for more travel related updates stay tuned!
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Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia

The house has been declared as the haunted one and lies in the New South Wales state of Australia. There are some stories about the lady who used to stay in this mansion, Mrs Crawley. The erstwhile owner of the house never came out of house from past 23 years and nobody saw her after her husband died.

People have seemed that lady’s body haunting the house, strange voices, flickering lights and roaming around in the corridor. If reports are to be believed, who so ever has come to stay in that house, they have all died.

According to the people, Mrs Crawley does not let anyone stay in that house and she killed everyone.

haunted places around the world
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Ancient Ram Inn, England

The 12t century Inn is situated at Gloucestershire and it is famous for satanic sacrifices. The owner also reported that there has been some spirit in the Inn as he also had an incident where he was snatched out of the bed at late night when it was his first night in the house.

haunted places around the world
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Mark King’s Close, Scotland

It was an underground street market in Edinburgh through which they used to earn but after the plague broke out in 1645 after that close is always on news for sightings of ghosts of an old lady and it is one of the most haunted place around the globe.

haunted places around the world
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Akershus Castle, Norway

The castle lies in Norway and was built in 1290s. This was a site of Nazi executions is said to be the haunted by a robed woman and a dog. The people of village say that who so ever sees the spirit of the dog has to die in future.

haunted places around the world
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Lawang Sewu, Indonesia

The name of the place means ‘thousand doors’ and has kept according to its architectural building and later it was converted into a prison. According to the people there is a dutch woman who keeps on roaming in the whole prison and it is said that she committed suicide there when it wasn’t turned into a prison.

haunted places around the world
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Eastern State Penitentiary, Pennsylvania, USA

It is very famous for the paranormal activities and a lot of people have encountered ghosts and each and every person has something different to tell. It was also a prison earlier and all the prisoners had to cover their head with sack all the time.

They were kept in isolation which is why they became mad and some of them died too. But people of the local says that there is still a ghost who keeps on roaming there and they have listened a loud cry and even seen ghosts a lot of time.

haunted places around the world
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Dragsholm Slot, Denmark

This Castle is one of the haunted places around the world and was built in 1215 and it is one of the oldest buildings in Denmark and also most haunted one. People don’t even think of coming here and it was again rebuilt in 1694 in a Baroque style.

People say that this castle is home of 100 ghosts. The husband of Mary Queen of Scotts who was a prisoner here also died. The people have seen a lady wandering around the whole building and her skeleton was also found in 1930.  

haunted places around the world
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Myrtles Plantation, USA

It is located in small town of St. Francisvelle, north-west of New Orleans. There are total 10 people who were dead in the mansion and the people have also seen ghosts’ sightings. The famous incident that happened as there was a girl named Chloe who had her ear cut off by her lover.

She seems wearing green turban and she even appeared in some of the pictures while visitors went there. The people have also seen a child bouncing on bed and weird noises. It is considered one of the most spookiest places in the world.

So, these are some haunted places around the world that you must go to if you are daring and likes challenges. If you ever visit these haunted places then do share your experience in the comment’s section below and for more travel related updates stay tuned!

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