Harsh Reality Of Your Favourite Food Items

Food is a fundamental need and its importance cannot be changed in any circumstances. There are many food items which we are consuming since childhood. Our parents taught us how beneficial they are for our health and body, but the truth is far away from it. We have brought you the harsh realities of your favourite food items which will shock you to your core.

favourite food

1. Sea Salt

We all prefer consuming sea salt over ordinary, processed salt present it the market. The reason behind is that sea salts are more natural version and is good for health. But this is not the truth. According to recent research, Sea salts hold an equal amount of sodium like other salts available in the market (which is 40%) and is equally unhealthy for us.

your favourite food

2. Pineapple

Who does not like pineapple? Whether it is kids or adults, pineapple has always been favourite food item to many. But have you ever noticed that slight burn and itchy situation right after consuming them? That’s because pineapples contain an enzyme called Bromelain. Which as a result, causes discomfort and can ruin your taste buds for a whole damn day!

your favourite food

3. Jelly Beans

We all have had consumed a great amount of those shiny, yummy jelly beans since our childhood. And we understand it is your favourite food item too but are you aware of the fact that these jelly beans acquire their shiny texture from the exact same material which is used to give that shiny effects to nail paints? Yup, that’s true. They are layered with Shellac, which itself is prepared from female lac bug’s poop. So the next time you have a bite of jelly beans, you actually somewhere are tasting your mani-pedi.

your favourite food

4. Naturally Flavoured Ice-cream

Looks like someone is mouthwatering! We all love these naturally flavoured ice-creams after a full meal. Don’t we?  But do you have any clue from where those flavours are consumed? Actually, they contain castoreum. And this castoreum is consumed from the anal secretion of beavers! Though it’s still natural but..eww..!

your favourite food

5. Chocolate

Chocolates are unpreventable. Whether we look at cakes, shakes or even pizzas, defiantly it is a favourite food item of many people. But have you ever felt anything unusual with the taste or texture? Maybe about 60 bugs or at least you find a rodent hair? Yes, it is shocking but true. According to ABC News, many chocolate makers use bug parts and poops and we are not even able to figure them out.  

your favourite food

6. Bread

Bread is a food item which is literally passed on by generations. I have seen my grandparents and brother, both consuming bread together! It is their favourite food. We all love that soft texture, right? You know that the bread acquires that soft texture from a softening agent called ’L-Cysteine’. And this agent is main up of Human Hair! Yup, Gross!

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