Habits That Creep Women Out

Every woman has her own experiences about the men that creep them out. Starting from being harshly stalked to offensive jokes, the stories are just never-ending. Many men often complain of not knowing when they went overboard with their behaviour. For them, it’s a way to get more close to whom they admire. But for the other person, it is no less than a nightmare. So here are some habits that creep women out and you must avoid if you have any.

Not Understanding A ‘NO’

There are many men who don’t know how to handle a NO from any women. It tends to hurt their so-called ‘male ego’. Men who keep coming back and don’t realize when a person is feeling comfortable are the one who creeps women out. There is a limit to everything and boy you need to understand that. If a girl wants to talk to you, you’ll also some efforts from her side to get in touch with you, but if she is not doing any such thing, it’s a clear sign to back off!.

creep women out
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Stalking Social Media Platforms

Stalking is quite common these days. You must have experienced one of your colleagues running down to you and telling that a person was asking for you or something similar. In today’s world where everyone has great access to the internet, many among the population are using it not in a good matter. Checking social media platforms of women is just not a good idea. Stalking their Facebook, Instagram etc, and observing their each and every activity is just not a good habit. Guys! If you are one of them who acquire the similar routine, it’s time to STOP. This way you’ll just creep women out.               

Going Over The Top

Just because the girl has accepted your friend request, doesn’t mean you’ll start texting her with 500 messages per hour speed. Being over enthusiastic in every situation will only creep women out. Even if you like her a lot, just calm yourself down and wait for the other person to reply. Liking every post or pictures of their’s will only showcase how desperate you are. Excess in everything is bad and that’s what you need to remember every time you converse with a girl (even when you don’t). Don’t scare her out with your excessively forward attitude.

creep women out
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Exploiting The Space

Even if you are going on a date or are already in a relationship, there is a 100% chance that you can creep your girl out. Forbid yourself from exploiting the beautiful relationship you both share. Sending her gifts, picking/ dropping her off, going along everywhere are not something which remains cute if done on a regular basis. There is a high limit and you mustn’t cross it. Being over intimate on your initial days in a relationship will not be appreciated by her. Take it slow and don’t exploit the space you both have.

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