Govinda talks about his friendship with Salman Khan

All of us have seen Govinda movies in the 90s and we cannot deny that he was the King of Bollywood at that time. His comic timings are impeccable and he is also a good dancer of his time. With the passage of time, the actor vanished from the industry, however, is trying now to get back to on the track again.

During these years, Govinda has had a sour relationship with Bollywood stars including Salman Khan, David Dhawan and Karan Johar for not supporting him when he needed them the most. In a recent interview, Govinda reveals in friendship with Salman Khan.


The duo has been friends for a really long time and has done a lot of projects together. One of the issues Govinda has with Bhaijaan is, not giving his daughter Tina Ahuja a chance in Bollywood. Govinda told mid-day, “Salman and I are buddies. We have a love-hate relationship, but we both back each other. I have enjoyed working with him, and have no qualms in sharing screen space with him again if we get the right script.”

Govinda last appeared in the film FryDay and he agreed that it was declared flop even before releasing and could not impress the audience. He further said, “Despite being a good film, FryDay didn’t get many screens because the industry [production houses] made a presumption that Govinda’s film won’t work, or will only do a certain amount of business. But, I am confident about my craft, and [pleased with] the reaction of people. It is a matter of time before my films start doing the desired [level of] business.”


Govinda will be seen in Pahlaj Nihalani’s Rangeela Raja which will release on November 16, 2018. It is said that the actor will be seen in a dual role. The story revolves around the two brothers who lead different lifestyles.

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