Girls! Things you need to do make year 2019 better right away

Each year we decide to take oath that we will change our bad habits into good one but with the busy life and work cause our plans of becoming a better person to take a backseat. If you are willing to change, you should not wait for New Year to start over your new life again in a better way.


There are a lot of things that a woman should leave behind and there are several ways to improve your life in a better way. Sometimes good things have to fall apart so that better things can fall together.

ways to improve your life
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Cut down fake friends

The first and foremost thing and ways to improve your life is to understand who are fake friends and who are your real friends as friends are an integral part of our lives. This should be your New Year resolution for 2019. There might be a lot of people who let you down in some or the other day. Stop talking and caring for your fake friends.

Friends should be caring, loving, supporting and really kind in nature. If you think that your friends does not have these qualities then girls! You need to re-think about your friends once again.

ways to improve your life
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No need to be perfect

Each and every one has flaws and it’s totally okay. Nobody is perfect in this world so if you think that the world needs you to be perfect those people are the worst keepers who expect a lot. Stop being with such morons!

If you keep on thinking that you can fit into someone’s idea of perfection that’s the time when you start faking and tend to lose yourself in the process. Learn from your mistakes but never accept that everyone is perfect in this world and when you agree to all this, you will be more happy than ever.

ways to improve your life
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Change the mindset towards other woman

While in the process of changing yourself, this one is the utmost important one. Every time when you look at other woman and if she is wearing revealing attire you start snickering about her outfit and you pre-judge her by her clothes.

Stop this behavior right away and stop being judgmental about other women. Being a woman you should not do it. Girls who call other women in an absurd words then what will be the difference between you and those men who demean woman’s character?

ways to improve your life
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Stop impressing men

Love is a great thing you feel but girls you don’t need to impress your crush and stop proving your worth for him. Stop doing stupid things in order to gain his attention. It’s not the right way as he might lose interest in you so just be the way you’re.

If you keep on doing something or the other every time then he might think that you are desperate and would start taking you lightly. Make sure that he knows your value.

These are some ways to improve your life and change it in a better way. For more relationship related updates stay tuned!

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