Forbid Making These Mistakes On Your First Date

First dates can be tricky. There is so much to take care that you barely get enough time and conscious to actually communicate with each other. It is truly a very important task on your head to impress the other person without making yourself look like an ignorant or desperate turd. Whether it is your dress, hair, makeup shoes, everything needs to be just perfect. The thin line between being a gentleman and annoying entity, what most of the people tend to forget on their first date. So, here are a few pointers you must keep in mind.

 first date

Don’t Stay Quiet

People hate when they are given ‘the silent treatment’. I mean common, you were like the champ of words while texting, and now when it is actually the time to communicate, you end up being the shy little girl. Don’t bore the environment by showing that zero enthusiasm attitude of yours. Talk generally about your hobbies or any similar interest. There is no limit to topics; it is just you who needs to put some effort.

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Don’t Curse

Cursing is fine if you are around a bunch of friends, chatting normally about anything. But when you are on your first date, there is a certain code of manners you must abide by. Using the F word is just not so cool when you are meeting up someone for the first time. It is a serious turn off of anyone. People often judge you by your first impression, so why not make it the best?

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Serious Conversations

Before speaking anything just understand that you are meeting each other for the first time. We understand you wish to show them your real side, but spilling everything about our past relationships is just not the right idea. Forbid yourself from starting or even being a part of any serious conversation. Just save it for later!

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Don’t Be Drunk

Yes! If you cannot handle it, don’t drink. The other person is here to meet you for the first time, don’t scare them with this careless attitude of yours. They have not come to handle your body slipping around anywhere and everywhere. This behaviour can actually be a serious turn off for them. So, stop being a fool and instead order a good cup of coffee.

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Offensive Jokes

Jokes are great to set the mood at ease. People often feel comfortable around funny entities. But before cracking it, make sure it isn’t an offensive one. Any person, in order to make himself/ herself look cool, if crack jokes which are very nasty and disrespectful to anyone, you need to rethink about this habit. Hurting someone doesn’t make you look DUDE! Bear in mind your chivalry.

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Over Enthusiastic Attitude

This is not a stage where you are performing instead you are on a date. So calm down your nerves and be cool with the situation. Many people often open up everything about themselves on the very first date out of excitement, but this is just not right. Regulate your behaviour and prevent yourself from being showcased as a desperate turd.

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