Foods Women Should Avoid Having At Work

Are you one of them who want something or the other to eat the whole day at work? According to a survey, it has been reported that women who eat snacks while working put on 10,000 extra calories each year. You will be shocked to know that you gain so much of calories in 50 days if you have food in a normal basis.

There are a lot of foods that you must avoid at work as you have desk job and you will be sitting all day long. That’s what makes you put on extra kilos for no reason.

foods that you must avoid at work
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Yes, you might have had it a lot in summers while in office but let me tell you that it might seem healthy but if you are trying to lose weight then you should have it as it is not good for you. It is very easy to have a packet of peanuts but it is actually not good for those who are looking for weight lose.

Do you know that a cup of peanuts will take about 50 minutes of intense cardio? You should not have peanuts in office as they are full of calories and you don’t have enough time to digest that calories while you are at work and you will be sitting throughout the day.

If you love workout and can manage it during your work day also then you can surely have peanuts. It is considered as the food you should avoid at work

foods that you must avoid at work
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People like a lot of coffee and tea and the milky coffee calories added up with a small cup offering at least 80-100 calories. As it contains caffeine which is literally not good for our health and also for our body. If you can work out after a long day then you can have it otherwise I will suggest not to go for it or else you will gain weight.

Coffee also contains milk and sugar that also have a lot of calories in it. Milk consists of about 18 calories per ounce and it also has 29 calories of white light cream. If we talk about sugar contains 16 calories per teaspoon and 23 calories per packet.

So, keep this thing in mind and if you want to have coffee that day makes sure that you will work more than usual so that it will not affect your weight and you will not gain weight.

foods that you must avoid at work
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We cannot say to doughnuts and it’s probably our weakness but do you know how many calories one doughnut has? It’s around 260 calories as they are filled with so much of sweet and other high calories stuffs. People have it as a snack but if you are in office do not have this as you will be sitting there a day long.

We know that you can get attracted towards the melting chocolate but if you are dieting you have to drop the idea as it is very high on calories.  It is also one of the foods that you must avoid at work.

foods that you must avoid at work
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Chocolate cake

A chocolate cake can lead you to disaster if you are losing weight and also have a desk job as it has a lot of calories in it. Do you know a single serving of plain cake contains around 10-12 g of fat and 300-400 calories? If you keep on eating it every week, very soon you will be gain a lot of weight altogether.

That is why you should have an attitude to saying no to most of the time when someone offers you the cake. This is the only way to achieve success. If you have to eat the cake then make sure that it should only be the angel cake as it contains fewer calories than a normal one with no amount of fats and cholesterol.  It is also one of the foods that you must avoid at work

foods that you must avoid at work
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Chocolate biscuits

If you ever feel hungry then you should never have chocolate biscuits as it also has the same amount of calories that you have in other foods. That’s why you should not have it as you will not be able to work out after working hours.

A single chocolate biscuit contains around 100 of calories and weight gain. It contains grams of fat and the ease at which we can eat many biscuits throughout the day without even noticing. It is no wonder that sweet biscuits are closely linked with weight gain.

foods that you must avoid at work
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Dried fruits and nuts

You must have known about the dried fruits and nuts that they are healthy but do you know that these fruits are entirely full of calories. So, if you don’t have to put on weight then you should not have these.

So, these are some foods that you must avoid at work in order to be fit and healthy. If you do these things and see some changes then you can let us know in the comment’s section below. For more food related updates stay tuned!


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