Foods That Are Healthy As Well As Good For The Weight Loss

Fitness is not limited to only workouts. In fact you have a lot of other ways to shed the weight of your body. You might get fit from outside by doing gym but you will be the same from inside if you won’t take care of your eating habits.

A well-rounded fitness plan includes a lot of nutritious foods that you have to eat in order to get all the important elements that your body requires. This article provides you the information of foods that will help you shed weight and they are nutritious also.

The following foods contain important elements like Protein, fat and carbohydrates. They are not only delicious but also help you to burn the extra fat from your body. So, lets’ begin with the list of weight loss foods

weight loss foods
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Blueberry and Oats

Oats is one of the most important parts of food as it has a lot of fiber. If you cannot have oats then you can also add blueberry and almond in it just to enhance the taste. It is full of Protein, fiber and other important elements that are important and will help you in shedding the excessive weight.

The antioxidants in the blueberries will help kick up and spit out free radicals that exist in the body, making way for smooth cellular activity. Prep time: Five minutes! That’s all you need to do and that’s how you are ready with the brand new recipe. It is also one of the weight loss foods

weight loss foods
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Fat burning salad

These days’ people have a lot of junk food due to which they have a belly fat and then they get frustrated every time they look at their tummy fat. But do not worry if you don’t feel like doing exercise then you can count on several vegetables that can help you reducing weight. Yes, you heard that right.

Foods like turkey breasts, tomatoes, celery. Broccoli, blueberries, grapefruit, apples, onion, raw vegetables and among others have low calories and will also help you reducing the extra kilos. Salad is the best option if you are looking forward to some healthy weight loss. Whether you are getting in shape for a wedding or for any other function let me tell you that salad is the best for you and it is really affecting for sure and the best part of this is that you can have it raw.

weight loss foods
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Banana Peanut shake

If you love Protein shakes and don’t do without it then let me tell you the same kind of shake and you will forget Protein shake. Usually shakes have inflammatory foods and you might feel bloating and steer clear.

The Peanut butter banana shake has whopping amount of 58 grams of protein and all the athletes have this shake in order to gain power and energy. And it also tastes incredible if you make it with full concentration. So whenever you feel like having a shake, count on banana peanut one. It is also one of the weight loss foods

weight loss foods
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Bell pepper with turkey vegetables

We all love bell peppers and what if I tell you that you can create a dish out of it and if you love having foods that have Vitamin A and C then bell peppers are just perfect for you as that contains them.

You can also add turkey vegetables in it. It’s a complete package of Protein, vitamins, metabolism-boosters, Omega 3 oil and other antioxidants that our body needs.

weight loss foods
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Skillet Chicken with Cranberries & Apples

If you like chicken a lot but got bored with having the same chicken then add some cranberries and Apple to it. Trust me it will be 100 times tastier than what you have. If you are not getting much fiber to your diet then you should eat it as it has everything your body needs in terms of nutrients plus proteins.

 Soluble fiber like oats, beans, barley and brussel sprouts helps you to digest slowly and you will not feel hungry the way you feel every time. This way you will be able to cut off all the extra fat that your body consists. It is also one of the weight loss foods

weight loss foods
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Almond Snowballs

If you want to try something different then almond snowball is just perfect for you as it is a dessert that you can make when someone visit your home or at parties and trust me they are hell good and delicious.

All you need is flour, sugar and almond flour which is way healthier than anything else as you have fat and fiber and Stevia, a sweetener with zero calories in it and that is plant based. 

So, these are some of the weight loss foods that you can try and if you try any one of them do let us know your experience in the comment’s section below and for more food related updates stay tuned!

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