Follow The Fun with Aditi Mittal & Vaibhav Sethia

follow with funStand up comedy is gaining popularity around the world and so in India, and continuing with the tradition Canvas Laugh Club and Bollywood Central is excited to present “Comedy Down Under Tour” with Aditi Mittal and Vaibhav Sethia.

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We are proud to present India’s two funniest faces across Australia on their debut tour. Canvas Laugh Club is now officially known as “unofficial national theatre for comedy” and they are renown to bring best of new and established comedy line-up that will be sure to send you laughing home.

On this tour across great Aussie cities Aditi and Vaibhav along with homegrown talent Suren Jayemanne would be presenting freshest and most splendid comedy that you’ll have ever seen.

If you are looking for a night of fun with good laugh then these comedians are sure to deliver you the enjoyment that has made them popular throughout the world.  

After two Netflix special’s Aditi Mittal is returning to Australia.  Having performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2018 featured in Upfront Comedy, Aditi, joined by Vaibhav Sethia, will be touring five different cities.  As one of the first female comedians in India, Aditi is at the forefront of the comedy world.

Touring with her is Viabhav Sethia. Having release his solo show “Don’t” on Amazon last year, Viabhav is quickly becoming a must see comedian in India. Performing extensively across the subcontinent, Viabhav is bringing his unique observational comedy to Australia.  From Kolkata to Mumbai to Australia Vaibhav Sethia is sure to to make you crack up.

Local comedian Suren Jayemanne will be their host. Suren is a comedian, writer, and qualified (but not practicing) chartered accountant. Suren has been touted as one of the best acts “on the come up” (a phrase appropriated from hip hop culture, meaning: up and coming) in Australia by people who oughta know.

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