Facts you need to know about 2.0 movie

2.0 movie is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. The film is a sci-fi movie and has been helmed by Shankar. Ever since the teaser has been launched the flick has been in the headlines for variety of reasons.

Let’s know the lesser known facts about 2.0 that are revealed by the makers itself.

The director had revealed that 2.0 movie is one of the most expensive films in Indian cinema.The primary reason behind this film is use of CGI. Shankar had also confessed during the trailer launch that they had to increase film’s budget once they realized that the VFX needed a bigger company’s help than the one that they had initially decided on. Shankar had said, “Lyca Productions,the production house, knows the exact amount. I narrated the entire story before we went on floors and they sort of knew how much money would be required to complete the film. They agreed to fund the project, knowing how much it would cost them. Beyond our calculations, we had some unexpected expenses for the VFX.”

2.0 movie

Shankar also disclosed that his first preference was Aamir Khan as a protagonist and Arnold Schwarzenegger as antagonist. Speaking about the latter one in the press conference the director said, “We had thought of casting Arnold. We had talked and allotted dates also. But somehow things did not work out as the contracts of Hollywood and India are contradictory. So we thought of looking at a good cast from the Indian film industry.”

About Mr. perfectionist Aamir Khan he said, “Such things are common with all my films. We go to an actor, things don’t pan out, we move to the next and so on. Rajini sir (Rajinikanth) wasn’t feeling well at the time (2014) so I approached other stars. But Lingaa gave him the confidence to take on 2.0, which is a difficult film with all its prosthetics and action sequences.”

Akshay Kumar is playing an antagonist and a crow man in the film and it required almost six hours to every single day. About his role the Padman actor said, “It was a very challenging role and it took a toll on my  body. But the pain and sacrifice were worth it. My character required around 4 hours of prosthetic make-up and another hour and a half to remove it. In my whole career, I’ve never put so much of makeup.”

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