Facts About Bee that you didn’t Know Existed

Bees are probably one of the most amazing creature that god has ever created. They are pesky at times and there are a lot of things that we bet you didn’t know about them.

They are one of the hardest nature workers and without them 30% of the crops might go unfertilized. A further 90% of wild plants need cross-pollination from bees. Their main role is to spread seeds from one plant to another and without bees the food crops might die. Lets’ begin with the bee facts.

bee facts
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Now you might think that there is one type of bee around the globe but no, you are wrong. There is a huge variety of bee that exists in the world. There are approximately 16,000 unique bee species in the world. And out of that bee only 5% of them are called ‘Social bees’ that together make nectar and make honey out of it.

Social bees usually forms a large colonies and they have a lot of bees over crawling over them and creating honey and feeding their larvae. One of the social bees is ‘Bumble bee’ they are usually very small and they do not attack on people and their only focus is to make the nectar and produce honey. If someone tries to destroy their nectar all the bees will make a buzzing sound and that’s enough to threaten the other party.

bee facts
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Male bees

Do you know there are male bees also? Well I didn’t know that and the most bizarre thing is that they only live for the sole purpose of mating with the female bees and once they are done with that, the male bees die. Yes, you heard that right.

Male bees are known as drones and they are not capable of feeding themselves as they don’t have stingers. And during winters working bees push them out of the hive leaving them outside starving.  During the mating activity, a lot of drones would compete with each other to mate with the female bee and don’t fight as the queen chooses her drone by her own. It is one of the important bee facts

bee facts
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Face recognition

Bees are very intelligent and they are way smarter than they look. Their brain has just a million neurons. If we compare it with human brain it is 100 billion in a human brain. They also have a supper power that they can also remember the face of humans.

They have 5000 images tubes that are present in them and they can remember around 5,000 of human faces and they can remember the face for at least two days in their brain. They probably don’t understand what human face is but yes, they remember the structure very well.

bee facts
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Production of honey

Bees work very hard in producing honey on their own but they could only produce one tea spoon of honey in their entire life time. Yes, you heard that right. Most of the bees work for six weeks in the summers and they come out when the temperature is above ten degree Celsius.

 A group of 12 bees can produce 2 teaspoon of honey in their entire life span. They also use honey as the energy source for their hive and each hive contain 20 kilograms f honey depending on the weather.

bee facts
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Queen bee

Queen bee is really important when it comes in fetching honey from the hive. They role is not limited till laying eggs and taking care of them. They also have responsibility to release chemical that regulate the behavior of all the bees that are working.

They are usually 20mm in size and her important characteristic is her reproductive organs like spermatheca. It is the place where she stores the sperms which she collects at the time of mating and that sperm she uses for the rest of her life to lay eggs which will produce female more bees. It is considered as one of the bee facts

bee facts
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No bees no life

Bees have responsibility for pollination so if there were no bees we wouldn’t have got honey ever in this life. You might be wondering if they would appear what we will eat. Do you know that crops like wheat, corn, soybean and rice are needed to be pollinated by bees?

Mostly all the vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes and carrots are one of the important ingredients of vegetables and even they need to pollinated by them. If bees extinct so will the pollination of these vegetables. You will say bye bye to more vegetables like these if they die.

bee facts
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Honey bees are way unique than any other insects as they are the only insects that produces something which is very important for humans and that thing never goes bad for them.

So, these are some bee facts that we know you didn’t know earlier. Stay tuned for more lifestyle related updates.

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